Roundtable #14 – Firing Clients


What is your experience with firing a student/ client? Have you either fired or REALLY wanted to fire a client or student? Did you go through with it?  Did you lessen your work/ availability with them in hopes they would leave?  If you didn’t go through with it, what stopped you, and how do you […]

Roundtable #13 – Popularity


What is your relationship with popularity? Most people seem to want it and yet it comes with all kinds of negative pressures and scrutiny (mostly from loud people who don’t and don’t want to understand).  Would you describe yourself as popular?  Does more followers = better?  If you have experienced waves of popularity/ eyes/ notoriety, […]

Roundtable # 11 – Daily Routine & Self Care


What is your daily routine and/or how do you practice self care?   For me the routine is just trying to do what I want to do as much as possible. If I’m feeling keen to train then I train, if it’s work then I work. The biggest things I try to prioritize are the […]

Roundtable #12 – Discipleship


Feature Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash   DOES A DEEP DIVE OR GENERALIZED TREADING HELP CULTIVATE UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES?   What draws you to a particular practice? Why do folks have a tendency to dive deep into a particular methodology?  What doors do this singular discipline seem to open that you find closed by […]

Roundtable #10 – Personal Training


Feature Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash.   HAVE YOU EVER FOUND YOURSELF DISGUSTED OR DISHEARTENED BY THE INDUSTRY YOU FIND YOURSELF IN? When people say you’re a ‘trainer’ do you feel the need to correct them in anyway? Or hate the fact that by default you are associated with the general idea of fitness, weight […]

Roundtable # 9 – Relationships


HOW DOES YOUR MOVEMENT PRACTICE AFFECT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS? Do they suffer because of it?  Are they strengthened and/or reinforced through it?  Is their a hierarchy to the two or do you to your best to simply keep them balanced?   There was a time when my movement practice was very dedicated to achievement. Every day, […]

Roundtable #8 – Filters


Feature Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash.   HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE ONSLAUGHT OF INFORMATION?   WHAT DETERMINES IF SOMETHING IS WORTH YOUR ATTENTION?  How do you decide which ideas or sources are credible?  What makes someone ‘followable’ or trustworthy?  How do you limit your exposure to things that might lead you […]

Roundtable #7 – Standards


Feature Photo by Miguel A Amutio on Unsplash.   IS THERE A MOVEMENT STANDARD THAT EVERY HUMAN SHOULD BE ABLE TO PERFORM? If so, what are they?  If not, why not?     Everyone should be able to do what they want to do, with their body, as long as they live (as long as […]

Morning Routines


Tyler Wall PART I: WHAT DO YOU DO? – AN EXERCISE IN REFLECTION AND UNDERSTANDING Morning. A new beginning. A time to start fresh after a rejuvenating slumber. An opportunity to set the tone for the day – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. An opportunity. One we all have the option to partake in, should we […]

Roundtable #5 – Creativity


Feature Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash.   WHAT MAKES YOU A CREATOR? Would you say you are more of an inventor or a mixer of crafts?  When did you start making your own rules and was there a particular experience that brought you the confidence to make something of your own?     Boredom […]

Roundtable #4 – Bookends of Practice


Feature photo morzaszum from Pixabay.   WHAT ARE THE BOOKENDS OF YOUR PERSONAL PRACTICE? How do you begin your training sessions?  How do you know when you are done?   For me, it’s hard to tell an end when everywhere I go I see things to hang or dance on.  In my Jam sessions I tend to […]

Roundtable #3 – Weaknesses


Feature photo by Steve Norris from Pixabay.    HOW DO YOU RECOGNIZE AND ADDRESS WEAKNESSES? What body part must you give continual attention to?  How so you factor this into personal goal setting?   My wrists can easily become injured so they require my daily attention to ensure that they stay resilient. I’m paying the price now […]

Roundtable #2 – Good Teachers


Feature Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash.   WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES AND CHARACTERISTICS OF MEMORABLE TEACHERS? How do you hope to affect those who seek to learn from you?   First thing that came to my mind was yes some people leave their mark on us. Sometimes because they are great teachers, and sometimes […]

Roundtable #1 – Role of Music


Feature Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash.   WHAT ROLE DOES MUSIC PLAY IN YOUR TEACHING/ PERSONAL PRACTICE?  Do you like to move with or without music, and why?   Music plays an important part in my movement practice, be it teaching or moving for myself. This said it needs to be music that inspires […]