One-Arm Pulling

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Austin Einhorn   Conor Meyler is a Gaelic Football star, nominated for player of the year in 2021. Every season is bruising, but each one also leaves his body repeatedly aggravated in specific areas—or as he put it, “chronic niggles.” He didn’t want to risk those niggles becoming something worse and threatening his next season; […]

Scap Flow

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Nelson Cuadras   [Instagram link]

Corset Breathing

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Gary Stockdale       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Gary Stockdale (@gfunctional)

Rib Cage Mobility

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Gary Stockdale     View this post on Instagram   There is an intimate interplay between the rib cage and pelvis. In order to fully articulate the capabilities and capacities of either one, they both must be taken into consideration. Start by creating a staggered stance. Rotate the pelvis forward/away from the front leg and […]