What You Need from What You Know


Samantha Faulhaber When I lived in Philadelphia I had a studio that I divided into two halves. The door opened up right in between those halves, so once you walked in and changed into something comfortable we had a choice together – either you went towards the windows for a workout or you went towards […]

Healing the Human Animal


Ramon Castellanos   Childhood Health Struggles If you are struggling with chronic health issues and a lack of vitality, I can certainly empathize with you. My hope is that this article will confer some value and assistance to your journey back to robustness. Many people who meet me these days, can’t imagine that I have […]

Runner’s Restorative Groundwork


Andre Miller   This one is for all the runners out there, especially those headed to the #bostonmarathon ! An example of the isolation, integration and improvisation process for working the lateral aspects of the hip, psoas and #itband . First abduction to breathe through the peak contraction of the glut meds and it band […]