Verbalizing “the Lack”


Nelson Cuadras   I feel unclear on whether I should share this. I’m lacking clarity. I can’t find it. It’s frustrating. I need sleep. I question myself; Should I be posting this? Who cares about this? Who cares about your excuses? I see what my favorites on here put out and I think, wow, how […]

Holiday Fitness Anxiety

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Brandon Chien   Real fitness is messy. Let’s normalize a few things to make it easier to get through the holiday season.Exercise and expending our energy for “health” is still a new thing for the human body. We didn’t evolve to move unless there was pleasure or necessity (getting food) involved. You also might be […]

The 80/20 Rule of Better Movement


Chandler Stevens   Early in my career I was fortunate to work with somebody in her 90s whose primary goal for a movement practice was to be able to get up and down from the toilet unassisted.   It was a clear lesson about the dignity that we’re granted through our ability to move well […]

What You Need from What You Know


Samantha Faulhaber When I lived in Philadelphia I had a studio that I divided into two halves. The door opened up right in between those halves, so once you walked in and changed into something comfortable we had a choice together – either you went towards the windows for a workout or you went towards […]