Students & the System


Christine Ruffolo   Amongst other things, COVID-19 revealed how fragile the American educational system is, and how unadaptable it is to changing and evolving times.  Designed to churn out compliant workers, it conflicts with the world around them — a burgeoning economy of self employment (one marked by passion, creativity, and innovation), as well as […]

Reflecting on Relationships: Peers


Christine Ruffolo   Part Four in a four-part series of relational examinations.   Part One: Parents Part Two: Pets Part Three: Students   The definition of peer that I most relate to is “looking at”.  The people who were supposed to be ‘like me’, were never like me.  They might have been of similar age or […]



Phaon Phat     An older example, “Training at Growtowski’s Laboratorium (1972)” can be found here.  

Relational Perspectives

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Mars Ciccarelli       View this post on Instagram   I’ve repeatedly had some of the same thoughts peep its head into my brain these last few days. 1. Abstraction of an art form/discipline : how we can abandon the classic view of a form to then evolve into a personal iteration. What becomes […]

Roundtable # 9 – Relationships


HOW DOES YOUR MOVEMENT PRACTICE AFFECT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS? Do they suffer because of it?  Are they strengthened and/or reinforced through it?  Is their a hierarchy to the two or do you to your best to simply keep them balanced?   There was a time when my movement practice was very dedicated to achievement. Every day, […]