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Building a Multidirectional Perspective


Ramon Castellanos   Go Forth and Prosper “Go forth” is a daily devotion we all pay allegiance to, just by the virtue of being human, even if we are unaware of doing so. For the nature of each human life is to orientate forward, and face that which is in front of us. The forces of nature and deep […]

Daily Practice Creates Friction

Wet Stone

Ramon Castellanos   Long term practice carves pathways in the being that previously did not exist. This is not always comfortable. This is not about chasing discomfort, or making yourself uncomfortable on purpose. Any practice (and the act of practice itself), done with heart and integrity will eventually cause friction. Heat. Cooking. Flames. Death. Rebirth. […]

An Adaptable Practice


Ramon Castellanos   I want to invite you to not have an excessive loyalty to the predetermined idea of what you’re going to do when you show up to practice. A lot of us we might have a mental notion of what we’re going to do, and or even a schedule, and a program that […]

Questioning Paleo


Ramon Castellanos   Avoid Paleolithic Reenactment   *Excerpt from the book Ancestral Now.   I have made a clear intention to resist the nostalgic allure of freezing our ancestors in time, and attempting to reenact their lifeways.  If we do so, we lose touch with the living, breathing reality of The Ancestral Now.  What we […]

Toxic Teaching


Ramon Castellanos   [ALTERNATIVE TITLE: HOW MY PRACTICE CHANGED ONCE I STOPPED TEACHING]   “We teach best what we most need to learn.” – Richard Bach At some early junction in my life, and really not that long ago, I considered my primary trade craft, that of being a teacher. The job was teaching others […]

The Nature of Thriving


Ramon Castellanos   I think any legitimate talk about thriving is a dangerous one. Not only because of the nuance involved in the discussion, which is substantial, but because to do so is a move in the opposite direction of much of the western cultural story. In the west, we are sold an illegitimate child […]

Current Personal Practice – Ramon Castellanos


Ramon Castellanos   I incorporate and teach about a wide variety of skills sets into my daily/weekly practice. In my world view, a daily practice is the bedrock of a consciously directed life. It is where we are able to work with the inevitable forces of change in a very intentional way in order to […]

De-Armoring the Face

Aborigines Arrive In Canberra For Apology To The Stolen Generations

Ramon Castellanos Most of us in the movement and even therapy based fields do not pay attention to the face. This is a pretty big gap considering there are 43 muscles in your face. Have you ever wondered why this is the case? Face exercises are not very sexy, and also while not glamorous, they carry […]

Controlling Panic Attacks


Ramon Castellanos   Technique specifics begin at the 6:35 mark.   If you are struggling with panic, fear or anxiety, that gets in the way of doing what you would like to do or that cripples you at times, this technique may help. It can also help you recover faster during exercise.   I crafted […]

Beliefs, Culture, & Connection


Ramon Castellanos     In this article I want to discuss something that you do not see discussed a lot and that is the practice of magic in the context of the primal movement, the primal health movement or the ancestral movement. There is a lot of talk about nutrition, physical training protocols, circadian rhythm […]

Perception, Projection, & Magick


Ramon Castellanos       View this post on Instagram   The magickal mind vs the rational mind. Rationality has its place, and can be a very powerful tool, but the human experience is incomplete without a sense of magick, wonder and awe. In all likelihood, our bodies are designed for magick, as it seems […]

Reclaiming Experience


Ramon Castellanos    “What is needed is self actualization not self-image actualization.”-Bruce Lee It seems like many of us in the world today live in some degree of self-imposed existential inhibition devoid of the nectar of direct experience. Our day to day life and how we choose to engage with it, is often not heavily […]

Sexuality as a Physical Practice

Sacred Sex Us Art 1024x1024

Ramon Castellanos   Sexuality is a rather broad topic, with many historical outlets that differ in perspective, and it is perhaps one of the most loaded topics in the whole of humanity. This article will be less of a how-to in any fashion, and will simply be a broad look at how sex, its maturity and overall […]

Ancestral Catharsis


Ramon Castellanos   What is Meant by the Term “Ancestral” With the current resurgence of ancestrally based platforms for living, many of us are looking backwards to determine how to best move forward. It is a beautiful movement and I have truly gown to love the practice of doing our best to understand how our […]

Healing the Human Animal


Ramon Castellanos   Childhood Health Struggles If you are struggling with chronic health issues and a lack of vitality, I can certainly empathize with you. My hope is that this article will confer some value and assistance to your journey back to robustness. Many people who meet me these days, can’t imagine that I have […]