Traditions of PE vs. Traditional PE


Alex Sporticus   Traditional PE. “Traditional“. A description of the way we have always done PE against more contemporary approaches. A qualifier that is used as a pejorative. Employed indiscriminately – within the academic literature, on social media and in discourse around PE – as a substitute for practice we don’t like. I have used […]


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Dave Wardman   [*] ‘questions’, qu3stions, questions [Day 12 of 60] This video we take a dive into the ‘questioning of questions’. Meta, I know – but that is where I reside. Between the seeming binary of: dictatorial ‘no questioning’ and free-for-all clusterfuckery, is a third way. The mindshape filter allows us to look into what makes […]

Asking Students Better Questions


Alex Sporticus   RECTIFYING A WEEK OF INEFFECTIVE QUESTIONING The PE Teacher has four clear ‘verbal’ ways to shape the learning of their pupils within lessons; instruction, feedback, question and silence. A skilled PE teacher will use all four, all of the time. Making judgements on which one to use depending on needs of the pupil in […]