One-Arm Pulling

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Austin Einhorn   Conor Meyler is a Gaelic Football star, nominated for player of the year in 2021. Every season is bruising, but each one also leaves his body repeatedly aggravated in specific areas—or as he put it, “chronic niggles.” He didn’t want to risk those niggles becoming something worse and threatening his next season; […]

Positioning the Shoulder

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Applied Movement Context

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Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   AN APPLIED MOVEMENT CONTEXT which tests upper-body strength, mobility, structural awareness, skill & problem-solving 🧩 • Regardless of how many pull-ups or muscle-up you have, those are singular movement contexts which give you no guarantee of applicability. When you find yourself with only one hand […]

Yoga Detour: Integrated Upper Body


Christine Ruffolo   Cecily Milne is the mind behind yoga detour, movement education that encourages the yoga population to go beyond ‘nailing poses’.  She immediately reminded me of Marlo Fisken – a “pole person” who’s actual draw is that she is a brilliant cuer, observer, and communicator of hows.  Aside from being able to do […]