We Want What We See (Or Once Were)


Catherine Cowey   Bigger, better, faster, stronger this is what we hear on the daily. The incessant call to accomplish more, and push harder echoes across our culture. This message is inherent in a capitalistic, production based, able-bodied, early bird society. Many of my clients, several of whom are ex-athletes, but also deal with chronic […]

Clarifying Motivations & Losing Expectations


Craig Mallett   Our imagination and dreams, linked to the hun and the wood energy, are an important tool for driving us to accomplish things in our lives. Without dreams for a better world we would hardly be motivated to get up and do stuff, and would become stuck in a big stagnation. The modern […]

Resistance & Change


Jenn Pilotti   Have you ever tried to help someone, only to be met by what feels like a brick wall as the person stubbornly digs their heels in and, without actually saying it, resists your words of wisdom? Or maybe the person just can’t seem to do what you ask and you aren’t sure […]

A Beautiful Practice

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Chandler Stevens   Each psychology is a confession, and the worth of a psychology for another person lies not in the places where he can identify with it because it satisfies his psychic needs, but where it provokes him to work out his own psychology in response. (Hillman, 1975, p. xviii)   James Hillman was […]

The Things You Tell Yourself


Tom Morrison   I’m guilty of this, so I feel a bit hypocritical, but it needs pointing out that our body is extremely influenced by what our brain says about it. We latch onto things. Parts of our physical health come to define us as a person: “I have a bad back”, “that’s my bad […]

The Need for Anxiety


Chandler Stevens   Anxiety is: “A sickness which attacks…precisely those who are strongest in spirit and richest in gifts.” – Herman Hesse It’s a feature of our culture – and our species. It’s a necessity for anyone who wishes to do creative work. Anxiety points to a struggle taking place within the personality, a wrestling […]

Three Things Psychotherapy Teaches Us About Effective Coaching


Movement is amazingly complex. What we quickly realize is that there’s more to the body than muscle and bone.  We have tendons, ligaments, connective tissues of all kinds…and a nervous system to top it all off. But what’s most confusing for so many movement practitioners is the mind-body connection.  In fact the whole idea of […]