5 Mobility Principles


 Jeremy Fein   #1 –  Go for Least Possible Stretch   #2 – Joints Have Opening and Closing Angles   #3 – Small Changes in Rotational Capacity Can Yield Big Linear Results   #4 – Spread Big Movements Over Multiple Joints   #5 – Sensory Input Before Motor Output (Light touching before CARs)  

The Law of Flexion and Extension


Jim Freda   The law of flexion and extension is a basic principle of human movement. This simple idea has powerful lessons to teach us about posture and the sitting disease epidemic. Flexion is the position of the infant in the womb.  It is the fetal position. Flexion is the position we adopt when we […]

The Seven Systema Principles of Breathing


Andre Miller Breath is The Great Communicator within the body. Awareness is the product of electrical potentiation within the nervous system. From this awareness, all functions of the body are carried out. Oxygen fans the neurological flame of awareness. The imagery of breaths moving through the body are akin to waves crashing on the beach. […]

Lessons from a Good PT


Jeremy Fein   I’m not going to hide the lesson later in the article to make you read the whole thing. Here you go:   Listen carefully and educate sincerely. Geek out subtly.   In my coaching, I’m not qualified to diagnose people. But the critical thinking that goes into the puzzles of helping people […]

Crafting Diagrams to Clarify Principles


Dave Wardman “[The seer Teiresias (Tiresias) performs necromancy :] Then he summons the spirits of the dead, and thee who rulest the spirits [Haides], and him [Kerberos (Cerberus)] who blocks the entrance to the Lethaean stream.” Seneca, [Oedipus 559 ff] Although I teach physical re-patterning work, whence I have a precious moment of time to […]

Why Feldenkrais?


Nadia Genois « A healthy person is one who can fully live their unavowed dreams » 3   Why Feldenkrais ?   Learning. Curiosity. Awareness. Fun. Mind body. Movement. Neuroplasticity. Embodiment. Potential. Full living. Pain free. Quality. Creativity. Paradigm shift. Serenity. Dreams. Freedom. Life changing. Those are a few words that come to mind when I think of […]