Integrating Multiple Systems

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PRI-ing the Core


Aaron Hague   Note the breathing cadence on each.                  

Postural Restoration : A Review


Tyler Wall   The human body is an amazing, beautiful, extraordinary, asymmetrical, and resilient piece of organic machinery.  The more I learn, the less I know and the more questions I ask.  Studying from different methodologies allows one to formulate a deeper understanding of how anything works.   A quick and dirty overview on PRI […]

PRI: The Big Three


Christine Ruffolo Postural Restoration addresses the anatomical imbalances of the body by inhibiting certain areas by position and purposefully engaging others.  A big idea is that the left side of the body is stuck in extension while the right side lingers in flexion.  The effects of each appear in patterns throughout the kinetic chain.  Posterior […]

An Introduction to PRI: Sagittal Plane Dysfunction


There are a multitude of different corrective methods out there that seek to improve joint position, therefore affecting joint stability, and hopefully protect the individual from chronic pain/injury.  PRI’s principles are based around the idea that the human body is inherently asymmetrical in structure and function.  Because of the inherent asymmetrical organ makeup of the […]