Everything’s Filtered

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Chris Davis   “The light in me” seems to be a mess of pixels.   EVERYTHING’s filtered. I was listening to someone complain about how SO much of life is online these days. I agreed and disagreed. Then it was something about how much is lost over Zoom — nonverbal cues, body language, unconscious behaviors […]

The Science of Buy-In


Michael Ryan     – •Hundreds of Arm Swings• From the outside, this is unimpressive compared to the physiques and party tricks you can find in instaland, but why would this simple move be preserved throughout generations? What can the practitioner extract from this? Do you need someone else to tell you the benefits? Does […]

The Politics of Movement Ed

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Chandler Stevens   There’s a strange power dynamic inherent in most movement education and coaching (obviously extending out to therapies as well). I’ve been curious about the politics of the relationship between professional and client ever since my first exposure to somatic education. It was the first time I ever felt like I knew something […]

The Brilliance of Sillinesss


Tom Morrison When “movement” became a fitness “buzzword” it was an exciting and sad day. The world was plummeted into a stream of overthinking, overcorrecting, forced “play” and deep Instagram posts. People started trying to be the next innovative genius to revolutionise the fitness industry and change everyone’s way of thinking…. Like me. But I’m […]