Cheat Codes with Adarian Barr


Adarian Barr Christine Ruffolo   Part One: Biarticulate Muscles & Rotations iFrame is not supported!   Part Two: Q & A from instagram live: yaw, starts, toe drag, scrumming, hips, & more. iFrame is not supported!   If you are interested in learning more about these concepts and contexts, Adarian wrote a book with Jenn […]

Human Crossbow


Dave Wardman   [*] the human crossbow [ base ingredient ] I remember receiving a message from a very excited [K] about a ‘fantastic new pec stretch’, whilst he was overseas [japan?] teaching workshops. The stretch was, of course, the stretch that would go on to become known as ‘the human crossbow‘ [or ‘the crossbow’]. There is […]

Fix Your Weak Wrists


Tom Morrison   Many people overlook the little guys, but if you’ve ever had a wrist or hand injury, you know how limiting it is! And frustrating! Like… the rest of your body is fine… but you can’t hold anything! Knowledge around wrist health & strength is severely lacking. It’s shocking to see just how […]

A Champion Mindset

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The 80/20 Rule of Better Movement


Chandler Stevens   Early in my career I was fortunate to work with somebody in her 90s whose primary goal for a movement practice was to be able to get up and down from the toilet unassisted.   It was a clear lesson about the dignity that we’re granted through our ability to move well […]

Guest Post #7 – Translating Point of Contact


Nicole Uno   Fist to False-Grip | Ground to Rings   As body angles change to adjust exercises, (whether to make them easier or more difficult), it can also cause thinking to shift away from concept-based objectives and toward specific task-based objectives. Typically, task-based objectives beg to be completed rather than understood. On one end […]

Positioning the Shoulder

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Introductory Handstands: Soft or Rigid?

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“Floor Culture” & the Home Office


Jason Round     ‘FLOOR CULTURE’ is a dual perspective that firstly throws an eye toward the daily habits & practices of cultures which live in closer contact with the floor. Secondly, it represents my proposal of “culturing” such habits in your daily life as the most necessary practice to SUSTAINABLY regain the ranges of […]

Position & Mobility for Olympic Lifting


Brandon Chien   Low, Wide with Press   View this post on Instagram   The Iron Donkey ? ⠀ Task: Hold the widest stance you can around parallel, while holding two KB’s in “Bottoms Up”. It’s a Horse Stance + Bottoms Up Hold. (I’m holding 32kg/70# total) ⠀ This was fun to try and see […]

Suck-in and Extension

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Austin Einhorn     View this post on Instagram   Gabo’s progress—After watching him play, it became more evident he has a hard time getting segmental movement throughout his spine when his limbs move away from his center (arms going overhead and legs straightening). Instead, he move predominantly at one location, his low back and […]

Training Positions of Hypermobility


Sevinc Gurman   In our FRC session with @senaozgoren this week, we trained our hyperflexed knee in its end range together with Passive Range Holds. I joined in with her because it is definitely not fun to train your hyperextended end range, meanwhile there is so much fear surrounding it. Everywhere you go, there is […]

PRI: The Big Three


Christine Ruffolo Postural Restoration addresses the anatomical imbalances of the body by inhibiting certain areas by position and purposefully engaging others.  A big idea is that the left side of the body is stuck in extension while the right side lingers in flexion.  The effects of each appear in patterns throughout the kinetic chain.  Posterior […]