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Memetic Cadavery


Dave Wardman   [*] memetic cadavery I   Recently I shared a meme to this group entitled ’20-something year old thiiinkers’.   Now the attention-wave hath passed, I shall dissect it in terms of a ‘commentary on the disenchantment features’ it is poking fun at. On the other side of the earth it is still the […]

Terrestial Nostos


Dave Wardman   * ‘nostos’ is a Greek term connected to the Odyssey that means ‘homecoming’/’returning home via sea after long adventures’ but that carries with it an idea of spiritual homecoming.. perhaps even coming back to the beginning on a different level that when one left.   [*] terrestrial nostos After terrestrial nostos [νόστος]* I […]

A Culinary Metaphor (Describing Physical Alchemy)


Dave Wardman   People keep asking me:  what is Physical Alchemy?  How does it differ from other physical methods? How is it similar? Are you just re-badging known methods with new terminology?!   ‘Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?‘ Up until this point I have usually opted to answer this question in reverse: […]


Screenshot (37)

Dave Wardman   [*] ‘questions’, qu3stions, questions [Day 12 of 60] This video we take a dive into the ‘questioning of questions’. Meta, I know – but that is where I reside. Between the seeming binary of: dictatorial ‘no questioning’ and free-for-all clusterfuckery, is a third way. The mindshape filter allows us to look into what makes […]

The Dissonant Whispers

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Dave Wardman   [*] the dissonant whispers This triangle [in link above until I can figure out how to resize it for Dreamwidth] is of course the inner triadic nucleus of an enneagram concerning the life-cycle of the Physical Alchemy Facebook group.*  Dissonance is the 3-point.  Education the 6-point.  Inspiration the 9-point.  I am telling you […]

Opening up the Front


Dave Wardman   [*] Bridging [a.k.a Backbending] Bridging is found in many different physical culture disciplines: from the backbends of yoga; to the wrestler’s bridge; its use in feats of strength in circus performances; to its more dynamic and mobile expressions in capoeira or demonic possession. The posture itself can and should be viewed as […]

Language of the New Alchemy


Dave Wardman   ‘[…] It is very difficult, almost impossible for [hu]men of different categories and of different modes of perception to understand one another, because they call one and the same thing by different names, and they call different things by the same name.’ [G] It has become increasingly clear in the course of […]

There’s an Alchemist in All of Us


Dave Wardman   Physical Alchemy is an system of transmutation of the physical body and growth of the human being.  It concerns itself with researching, developing and disseminating potent methods of physical body transformation alongside practicing and studying methods that provoke moksha [ मोक्ष ](Awakening). It is an exploratory method that educates the practitioner seeking self-knowledge related to […]

Creative Differences


Dave Wardman [*] expand, contract ‘Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.’ [F, Nietzsche] The craft known as Physical Alchemy is returning to being myself as the sole teacher. […]

Neo-Guild Structure for the 21st Century


Dave Wardman   [*] Historical perspectives   One of the long term projects happening behind the scenes at Physical Alchemy involves changes to the architecture behind the method and rekindling of the idea of a Guild as a central hub for education. In medieval cities people gathered together in guilds based on their crafts. These […]

Meetings With an Auspicious Man


Frederick Beck, co-conspirator of Dave Wardman   Glimpses from an apprenticeship in Physical Alchemy This is an idiosyncratic tale concerning my strange apprenticeship with [DW] in Physical Alchemy.  By necessity the exposition is personal and experiential.  If the reader is searching for a study guide or the Physical Alchemy ‘101’ ye shall not find’eth it […]

Crafting Diagrams to Clarify Principles

Pa Dw Cerberus D4

Dave Wardman “[The seer Teiresias (Tiresias) performs necromancy :] Then he summons the spirits of the dead, and thee who rulest the spirits [Haides], and him [Kerberos (Cerberus)] who blocks the entrance to the Lethaean stream.” Seneca, [Oedipus 559 ff] Although I teach physical re-patterning work, whence I have a precious moment of time to […]

Physical Re-patterning Work


Dave Wardman I am interested in Change.  Specifically I am interested in transmutation of human beings across all levels. My studies have taken me through a diverse range of fields of inquiry:  firstly at university and crucible of the martial arts dojo; body work training and apprenticeship with an embodied philosopher; studies with jivamukta and […]