Bottlenecks of (Deep) Practice


Ramon Castellanos   The Imbalances are Fractal If life itself is the practice, then the areas we neglect within practice, show us where we choose not to go (or are afraid to go). We all have unique dispositions, and these are best honored, so balanced development can often be asymmetrical, but not completely devoid of […]

A Spectrum of Teaching Styles

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Alex Sporticus   “Teaching needs to be deliberate as we don’t want to succeed at random, but we want to gain a deeper understanding of our successes and failures.” (Mosston, 1966).   Mosston and Ashworth’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles (SoTS) offers PE Teachers, both novice and expert, a clear framework of teaching within the subject. […]

The Space for Curiosity (& Excitement)


Nick Konow       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by N I C K K O N O W (@worldmvmnt)     [Feature Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash.]  

Wear & Repair


Brandon Chien   “Wear and tear” is such a poor outlook on the body. Think Wear AND repair, and you’ll be in rhythm with your body. A little bit of chaos in your life gives your body a reason to heal. The gifts of our youth can be renewed by doing what we fear at […]

Expectations & Experience


Craig Mallett     One of the things I run into a lot while teaching are loaded expectations. It’s when we have a preconceived idea of how it’s all meant to go, and are looking for some sort of specific experience from the training. It’s a very normal starting point, but If this escalates, it […]

Traditions of PE vs. Traditional PE


Alex Sporticus   Traditional PE. “Traditional“. A description of the way we have always done PE against more contemporary approaches. A qualifier that is used as a pejorative. Employed indiscriminately – within the academic literature, on social media and in discourse around PE – as a substitute for practice we don’t like. I have used […]

Forgive My Ineptitude


Christian Paev   Writing about the Movement is paradoxical. It seems doomed from the start because it cannot be adequately described. Even a bad experience is better than none, and even the best experience won’t be able to encapsulate everything I want to express. To begin with an apology for the limitedness of the text seems right.   […]

Daily Practice Creates Friction

Wet Stone

Ramon Castellanos   Long term practice carves pathways in the being that previously did not exist. This is not always comfortable. This is not about chasing discomfort, or making yourself uncomfortable on purpose. Any practice (and the act of practice itself), done with heart and integrity will eventually cause friction. Heat. Cooking. Flames. Death. Rebirth. […]

The Young Teacher

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Nick Konow   This is what I believe.  It is not correct.   A young teacher insists on the work, and that anything aside from performing said work, points to a lack in prioritization. This is the practice and spirit of teaching, as the young teacher sees it. Forgive him, for he is young and […]

Doubt, Death, & Gardening


Andre Miller   Stupidity is the best synonym if one is uncomfortable using the word evil. It seems as if the evil individual could only be educated, their actions would change. If they had the missing understanding you and I held then they would choose another course of action, one we would see as wise […]

Guest Post #5 – Moving as Being Present

Franco Phang Entrenamiento

Franco Phang   A dialogue between Enrique Arellano, his former student.  Original posting can be found here, in Spanish.   I met Franco at the end of 2016, thanks to a mutual friend. I was his student. I attended his parkour, handstand, and acroyoga classes. At that time, he was still engaged in his profession, which is Physics. Now, […]

Pokes & Provokes

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Sevinc Gurmen   A Series of Philosophical Posts.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sevinç Joy G. (@joy_g_wild)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sevinç Joy G. (@joy_g_wild)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sevinç Joy G. […]

Philosophical Sharing via Instagram


Jason Round   Can the platform be a viable tool for sharing principles?     View this post on Instagram   NEED: It’s very easy to get caught up in large-frame mobility projects for the sake of it. When people enquire about the Online Support program I often hear they WANT things such as ‘front […]

The Coexistence of Science and Awareness


Andre Miller   Stepping out of the lab and into your life; a rational argument for the irrational and of the nature of awareness. First and foremost this article is by no means an argument against the use or practicality of science. It is merely a concise description of the nature of our world and […]

Philosophology: An Inquiry Into Practice


Austin Einhorn   We are being led by the blind and uninformed. There is a virus infecting our culture and growing to epidemic levels. Our social patterns of value have tipped the scales towards ignorance. This plague is Philosophology, and it has the world of sports in a death grip. Robert Pirsig birthed the term […]

Reembody Workshop – Philosophy Overview


Jenn Pilotti I recently got back from four days up in Portland, studying the Reembody Method with founder Kevin C. Moore. It was an immersive experience, complete with understanding what we were looking at and experiencing the work on ourselves and each other.   To embody means to be personify or realize; from a physical […]