A Simple Strap

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Miguel Viero       View this post on Instagram   Juegos estratégicos. Enraizamento de pies. Distribución de carga. Organización estructural. Juega Observa Relaja Tensa Siente Comunica Arquitectura del terremoto humano. #investigación #juegosdemovimiento #fightingmonkey_practice #fightingmonkey_games #moovescuelademovimiento A post shared by Miguel Viero (@miguelviero.moov) on Aug 20, 2020 at 9:55am PDT     View this post […]

Opening up the Front


Dave Wardman   [*] Bridging [a.k.a Backbending] Bridging is found in many different physical culture disciplines: from the backbends of yoga; to the wrestler’s bridge; its use in feats of strength in circus performances; to its more dynamic and mobile expressions in capoeira or demonic possession. The posture itself can and should be viewed as […]

Partner Puppeteers


Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   The Puppet & The Puppeteer ⠀ One partner (the “puppeteer”) pulls invisible strings attached to the joints of the other person (the “puppet), who moves the joint and other body parts, as needed, responding to the movement of the invisible string. ⠀ It can be […]

Human Get Up


Jenn Pilotti       View this post on Instagram   One more from Bali: the human Turkish get up.. .. This was delightfully challenging and more interesting than a traditional TGU (at least for me). The rep isn’t pretty, but it will smooth out with practice.. .. Do things you enjoy that challenge you, […]