Getting Rid of Chronic Back Pain


Tom Morrison   Chronic lower back pain is no joke. Yes, it’s physically painful but the mental aspects aren’t talked about enough. No one wants to live their life with a pain that makes everyday tasks feel harder than they should be… it’s exhausting. People who haven’t experienced prolonged periods of pain can’t understand just […]

Options Lead to Autonomy

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Catherine Cowey       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Catherine Cowey (@catherinecowey)

Parkour Footwork: Entrance Options (Part Three)


Jereme Sanders   Part One: Step Length & Consistency Part Two: Ambidexterity & Tempo Mastery of Ambidexterity This will be a recurring theme for flow and it’s just as important here as it was with the steps. You may have a preference for your most powerful movements but for most of what you do, it will […]

Handstand Options & Exposure

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Nelson Cuadras     View this post on Instagram   The head in tuck position is one hell of an exposer. ⠀ Aside from putting the shoulders into the end range, the head in position will mess with your balance. As the head rolls through, you take away the static point that you are used […]