The Origin of Adaptable Polarity (Part 3): Fluidity


Jordan Terry   With all of life in a constant state of flow, why would I, or we as therapists, choose to limit our skills and abilities to one or two options, and not utilize all skills that we have at our disposal??? And not seek to build our skill sets indefinitely??? (*Legally, morally and […]

The Origin of Adaptable Polarity (Part 2): Neutrality


Jordan Terry   “Attraction and repulsion are the two opposite poles of action. These must blend into a Neuter [neutral] pole as purpose and usefulness in the economy of function. The end of this circuit is balance, as the completion of the objective of motion and expression of life. This is polarity in its triune […]

Defining Neutral Spine

Neutral Spine Posture 1

Gary Stockdale   Spinal surgeons, orthopedists, and rehab specialists alike, all have some sort of protocol that they utilize for spinal stabilization. Methods of “Core Training”, if you will. The people who undergoe this type of “Therapy”, whether by virtue of them having a disc laminectomy, spinal fusion, chronic low back pain, stenosis, sciatica, scoliosis […]