nicole uno

Organizing the PSOAS


One of several guest posts by Nicole Uno.     Transitioning back into ‘training season’ (from a summer spent outside) means high frequency-low intensity. I use this opportunity to work on patterning, and since everything benefits from improved posture/positions, I’m prioritizing my focus into improving how my middle functions.   Seated X-Pattern Load ‘sit bones’, […]

Guest Post #8 – A Spectrum of Efficiency

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Nicole Uno   Parts of a Whole Strategies along the spectrum of efficiency The point of efficiency is to do more, with less effort. Whether it’s moving faster, moving more weight, moving pain-free, or moving through bigger ranges of motion- it all requires the same parts working together as a whole. A team that quite […]

Guest Post #7 – Translating Point of Contact


Nicole Uno   Fist to False-Grip | Ground to Rings   As body angles change to adjust exercises, (whether to make them easier or more difficult), it can also cause thinking to shift away from concept-based objectives and toward specific task-based objectives. Typically, task-based objectives beg to be completed rather than understood. On one end […]

Guest Post #4 – Advancing the Warm Up

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Nicole Uno   A (potential) series on some details I use to progress my ‘warm-up’- which is always the primary objective for my own training.   The warm-up, an ever-changing confluence of where you are currently, the direction you want to head and what you ‘need’ to do to get there. Without consideration, it would […]