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Triggers & the Environment

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Nelson Cuadras     “But if you begin to understand environment, then there is no longer repression or mere adjustment to environment…” J. Krishnamurti Environment > Trigger > Response Start at understanding your environment and you move towards understanding yourself. External and Internal. Write about it in detail. See where the triggers come from. Learn […]

Verbalizing “the Lack”


Nelson Cuadras   I feel unclear on whether I should share this. I’m lacking clarity. I can’t find it. It’s frustrating. I need sleep. I question myself; Should I be posting this? Who cares about this? Who cares about your excuses? I see what my favorites on here put out and I think, wow, how […]

Don’t Forget to Have Fun


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Scap Flow

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Checking In

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To Warm Up or Not Warm Up?

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Nelson Cuadras       View this post on Instagram   Cold handie check before practice these days. ⠀ If I’m feeling healthy in the joints, I go for it before the session starts. ⠀ It gives me an idea of how the session might go. ⠀ Do you warmup? ⠀ ps. If you need […]

Mobility for Handstacks and Handstands


Fanny Tulloch           View this post on Instagram   ?The desk chair cogs is a more advanced version of the lying cogs exercise that I made a video on a couple of weeks ago (scroll through my previous IG TV videos) because it has fewer points of contact on the body […]

Handstand Options & Exposure

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Nelson Cuadras     View this post on Instagram   The head in tuck position is one hell of an exposer. ⠀ Aside from putting the shoulders into the end range, the head in position will mess with your balance. As the head rolls through, you take away the static point that you are used […]

The One Thing

Gun Dog Chases A Rabbit, 1948 By Bert Hardy

Nelson Cuadras   If there is ONE thing we can be so certain of, it is that uncertainty is inevitable. The uncertainty I speak of is within ourselves. The feeling that strikes us quickly, asking ourselves the question, what am I doing or why am I doing this? When these questions come at our most […]

Ball Bounce Challenges


Nelson Cuadras       Day 149/365 of #move365challenge ———————————— Paradiddle with a fiddle? Or perhaps a riddle while you fiddle with a paradiddle? Or better yet, a nibble while you paradiddle a riddle to the sounds of a fiddle? Why not wiggle into a fiddle that only plays paradiddles? Forget the riddles, go play […]

Fear & Awareness

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Still a long way to go with this one but working on getting over the hesitation before going backwards. “Commit and follow my hand” I tell myself before going back but to often, in a rush to just do it, I don’t follow my own instruction. 2 concepts are at play here. Fear and awareness. […]

Daily Practice and Stress


Nelson Cuadras My movement practice is an escape from my sedentary work life as an internet freelancer and the anxieties and stresses that can come from it. So why did it take me so long to abandon these same stressors from my movement practice? Questioning my practice and gaining insight from my coaches and peers […]