Understanding Pain Patterns

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Similar Same #1: Neck Extension


A series looking at different means to say/ do the same things.       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Austin Einhorn | Apiros (@austineinhorn_)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Human Animation (@briangfox)         [Feature Photo by Olga Drach on […]

Neck Flexion Assessment


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Bite Training

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Oral-Facial Health & Posture (Part 2)

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Jim Freda   Regarding the issues identified in part one, the goal is to survey the literature for other innovative strategies to test and to implement.   Dietary changes and awareness of oral-facial posture are the primary solution but there are a variety of exercises and other orthodontic interventions the authors suggest. A gentle Buddha […]

Rib Cage Mobility

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Gary Stockdale     View this post on Instagram   There is an intimate interplay between the rib cage and pelvis. In order to fully articulate the capabilities and capacities of either one, they both must be taken into consideration. Start by creating a staggered stance. Rotate the pelvis forward/away from the front leg and […]

A More Logical Neck CAR


Jeremy Fein     View this post on Instagram   ? Sagittal Neck CARs ? – If you’re sleeping on Functional Range Systems, you’re making a mistake. – But it’ll be a slightly smaller one after watching this ? – If a joint is limited at its deepest layer, it will be limited in rotation. […]

Neck Feedback

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Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   I don’t always use a foam roller, but when I do it’s to practice fundamental neck articulations. This piece of equipment turned out to be quite advantageous in providing external feedback as to what flexion and extension of the neck should feel like (external cue). […]

The Jaw & TMJ

Human Anatomy Scientific Illustrations With Latin/italian Labels: Jaw Muscles

Tyler Wall   Let’s begin by clearing up any confusion…I have TMJ(s), you have  TMJ(s). We all have TMJ(s). TMJ is the abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint.  This synovial joint is the articulation between the condyle of the mandible and the temporal bone.  It acts as a sliding hinge, keeping your jaw connected to your […]

Neck Extension and Lateral Flexion


Christine Ruffolo   Plagued by forward head posture and phone-down eyes, the act of tilting the head back can become unnerving.  Used to being underutilized, the cervical spine has to be coaxed into believing extension can be a position of comfort.  The shoulders, jaw, and brain can be manipulated to convince the tissues and central […]