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When Your Only Company Is a Mirror and Music


Nadia Genois   I had recently promised myself to create more opportunities to dance, improvise, to have these moments that are generally revitalizing but that too often escape me because of fatigue or laziness. Yet it is a pleasure that I have discovered in recent years, to improvise to give yourself permission to be in […]

Voice Parallels Movement

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Nadia Genois   When I was little I loved being told stories, hearing the voice of loved ones rock me and fall asleep. As an adult, this happens to us too infrequently. There is certainly the music, words, images, cinema of others, but they are distant, unknown. And yet…   Yet, sometimes we receive them, […]

Meeting Oneself


Nadia Genois   I have always loved dancing. I remember when I was little, going to see The Nutcracker with my father. Imagination fertile, body touched, I came back announcing that I wanted to be a rat in The Nutcracker. Note the rat here, we will come back to it. Maybe. It took several years […]


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A Raw and Honest Wavering of Belief


Nadia Genois   I haven’t written anything in a long time. When I joined this project, I had expectations. I wanted to share my thoughts on movement, be part of a community.I  love movement. I teach different forms of it. I like how it’s part of my daily life. Every time I sit to write […]

Connecting Feldenkrais with Pole


Nadia Genois   This has been a long time coming. It seemed it should have been easy, connecting two passions together but somehow it just was not happening. To be fair or precise I should say in fact it was happening, in myself, my movement, my body. A transformation and an incarnation of this exploration […]

Finding Your Tribe


Nadia Genois   “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”― Brené Brown   Last september, I was in Boulder for a Floorflow certified teacher gathering. One day after the training, I was in a car with Marlo (Fisken) who was leading the training, Ken (Kao) her partner […]

Why Feldenkrais?


Nadia Genois « A healthy person is one who can fully live their unavowed dreams » 3   Why Feldenkrais ?   Learning. Curiosity. Awareness. Fun. Mind body. Movement. Neuroplasticity. Embodiment. Potential. Full living. Pain free. Quality. Creativity. Paradigm shift. Serenity. Dreams. Freedom. Life changing. Those are a few words that come to mind when I think of […]

A Pole Dancer’s Perspective or is it?


By Nadia Genois I’m a pole dancer. I also am a lot of other things, especially as identities are fluid and in constant evolution. Through movement you create the form in which you live. A certain quality. Why did I choose pole ? What attracted me to it ? Why am I staying ? As […]