Vaulting as a Catch-All Skill


Jenn Pilotti   One of my favorite post-rehabilitative exercises is vaulting. Yes, you read that right, as in figuring out ways to navigate objects that are off the ground. Or, more accurately, the steps towards tripod vaulting or the butt roll vault or any other variation that involves weight bearing on a hand while navigating […]

MovNat Course Ideas


Kim & Melissa     View this post on Instagram   Structured sessions are nice. So are free-flowing where you make it up as you go along. ? This is true in life. Too much structure and you can lose your intuition and creativity. Too much go-with-the-flow and you can become stagnant. ? Life is […]

Individuals Within a Duo


Kim & Melissa   Business partners with a shared philosophy reveal individual insights.     View this post on Instagram   I started working in gyms in 2003. I have spent the entire time trying to convince people that the training you do indoors is just a way to facilitate more enjoyment of the activities […]

MovNat Level 1


Christine Ruffolo   The two-day level one workshop is designed to give participants entrance level skills of walking, hanging, crawling, jumping, and throwing. ┬áThe MovNat Level 1 Certification coincides with the workshop, but has coaches and trainers in mind, digging deeper into elements of class design and group instruction. ┬áThe MovNat (or natural movement) System […]