movement as language

Movement As Language: Babble & Personal Meaning


Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   BABBLE: the process of learning a new lexicon for floor-communication is just as clear in its hesitation, uncertainty, and lack of fluency as is the oral. Having been exposed to a new set of vocabulary and syntax by Odelia Goldschmidt at the EMM, I find […]

Movement as Language: Listening & Being Trilingual


Nikki Miller     View this post on Instagram   Some words on LISTENING: • For my fellow stress-prone movement lovers: what role does listening play in your embodied learning practice? • Using myself as an example: The first video is from after gaga class today, 9/26/19. The second video is from what according to […]

Movement As Language: Description & Terminology


Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   “Strength” and “Flexibility” are just made up words. ⠀ This movement you see here has a boring jargon name in the Fitness World – “Seated Straddle Forward Hinge with Posterior Shoulder Dislocate”. Or you could just call it “bendy thingy with a metal bar.” It […]