Verbalizing “the Lack”


Nelson Cuadras   I feel unclear on whether I should share this. I’m lacking clarity. I can’t find it. It’s frustrating. I need sleep. I question myself; Should I be posting this? Who cares about this? Who cares about your excuses? I see what my favorites on here put out and I think, wow, how […]

Medicating with Movement

Neurons Concept

Jenn Pilotti   I am having one of those weeks, a week where a lot of the people around me are upset, or anxious, or depressed. A week where there is a sense of heaviness encompassing the people I interact with regularly, which makes me feel like I am being held down under a thick, […]

The Mental Struggle of Athletes During COVID


Margot Ciccarelli   Movement is a choice, but when your choice gets taken away from you — what do you do? I am a full time combat sports athlete (specifically Brazilian Jiu jitsu) and I compete at the highest level of the sport. I usually train in New York City where lockdown hit the city […]

Training the Mind & Meditation

Screen Shot 2020 07 07 At 4.48.49 Pm

Craig Mallett   Chris contacted me recently to see if I wanted to share anything on this page from my new book, Dancing Between the Opposites: A Daoist Guide to Balance and Self-Cultivation, in celebration of its recent release. With Covid forcing many people to stay inside and spend a lot of time with themselves, […]