Body Cartography


Dave Wardman       [Feature Photo by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels.]  

Parkour Footwork: Ambidexterity & Tempo (Part Two)


Jereme Sanders   Part One: Step Length & Consistency   FOR A SINGLE MOVE Switch the Start Foot As long as you are maintaining a consistent step length and starting your run from the same location, you can switch the start foot to change your last step for the movement. This will be helpful for any large […]

A Note To Self


Christian Paev   a note to self   ”persist – from Latin persistere, from per- ‘through, steadfastly’ + sistere ‘to stand’ ”   To the people who pursue change in their lives and especially to my own self.   Systems have capacity.   Not using any of the capacities you possess would shrink them like […]

Defining Body Mapping

Boltmap E1569015619415

Christine Ruffolo   The phrase ‘body mapping’ has many interpretations.  It appears as nebulous as it is exact, with the user either struggling to communicate their construct or utilizing words so specific that it pigeon-holes the potential meaning into a singular stranded notion — too big to grasp or too miniscule to get a hold […]