Cultivating Tendon Health

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Austin Einhorn   There’s no magic recipe for helping tendons feel better. But there are a few well-studied strategies that make a short list of things to try. My tools are four variables. Load: Light weight for a long time — One to three minutes of tension, per set, 4+ sets. Heavy weight for a […]

Buoyant Tension Lines


Gary Stockdale     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Gary Stockdale (@gfunctional)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Gary Stockdale (@gfunctional)     Gary can best be reached at IG (@gfunctional). He is currently accepting clients/ queries about: consulting 1 on 1, small group, […]

Playing with Capacity


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Fix Your Weak Wrists


Tom Morrison   Many people overlook the little guys, but if you’ve ever had a wrist or hand injury, you know how limiting it is! And frustrating! Like… the rest of your body is fine… but you can’t hold anything! Knowledge around wrist health & strength is severely lacking. It’s shocking to see just how […]

Levers & Movement


Jenn Pilotti   How do your joints collaborate to produce movement? Any movement? When I reach down, unscrew the lid off my water bottle, bring the water bottle to my lips and drink, there are an infinite number of ways I could do this (the degrees of freedom problem, for those of you who like […]

Spinal Fluidity – Influence of Load & Scapula


Christine Ruffolo   Movement expression is dependent on on our tadpole-like head and spine to drive and disperse motion.  Any sticking points have a reverberatory effect on the actions of the limbs.  After a decade of undoing the rigidity trained through athletics and weight lifting, I am beginning to piece together how to create a […]

Progressive Load Applied to Everything


Samantha Faulhaber If you want to get stronger, you might lift things up and put them back down again. How do you determine how much to lift up, and how often? In the most general terms possible, you lift up stuff you can handle without hurting yourself. Then you wait until you’ve healed up from […]