Labeling Relationships


Christine Ruffolo   For the second time this year, I told a client they no longer need to pay me.  We were peers, and the level of engagement and conversation I got from talking with them far exceeded my $65 per hour asking fee.  The interest was mutual, the reciprocity organically leveled up, and I […]

Everyday Things

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Kim Alexander     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kim Alexander (she/her) (     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kim Alexander (she/her) (

What Are You Adapting To?


Scott Daly   Human beings have become the most dominant species on the planet. No other organism encompasses so much of the earth. Yet, we are far from the fastest, strongest or largest in the animal kingdom. What made this possible? I believe human beings are the most adaptable creatures on earth, allowing us to […]

Creating Space


Jenn Pilotti   August came at me with a vengeance. My client load was full, my mostly organized life was being met with the potential for a big change, and every single project I had either organized or said yes to were all due within a two week span. While I (miraculously) managed to get […]

Life & Leverage

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Chandler Stevens   The body has a harmony of its own. Think for a moment that what you know and live through day after day is the emergent result of the intricate workings on trillions of cells. These cells don’t have a central command. A series of local interactions and vast communication networks allow you […]

Guest Post #5 – Moving as Being Present

Franco Phang Entrenamiento

Franco Phang   A dialogue between Enrique Arellano, his former student.  Original posting can be found here, in Spanish.   I met Franco at the end of 2016, thanks to a mutual friend. I was his student. I attended his parkour, handstand, and acroyoga classes. At that time, he was still engaged in his profession, which is Physics. Now, […]

Seasons Supporting Life

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Scott Daly     View this post on Instagram   Does your off season support you or break you? Do you have a off season? @amelia_fkw has not trained a muscle up in months. She only had 2 when she stopped training it. How and why did this happen? I don’t know for sure but […]

The Nature of Thriving


Ramon Castellanos   I think any legitimate talk about thriving is a dangerous one. Not only because of the nuance involved in the discussion, which is substantial, but because to do so is a move in the opposite direction of much of the western cultural story. In the west, we are sold an illegitimate child […]

Life Connections


Christian Paev   Desire without ability leads to frustration. Ability without desire is just potential. Missing both is apathy. Develop the abilities that match your desires. Or suffer proportionally to their difference. **** Movements? What movements? The actual content of the practice goes far beyond the exposed visual shell, that mislead the eye. It cannot […]