Tracking the Knees through the S-Angle

S Angle

Jenn Pilotti     Confession: last time when I discussed Q-angles I went kind of rogue and talked about it from the perspective of dynamic Q-angles, a term I stumbled upon, I liked and I embraced This wasn’t wrong, just incomplete, so I am back for part II. When Adarian and I talked about it […]

P.E.A.C.E Instead of R.I.C.E for Injury

Us Players Lebron James (r) And Dwyane W

Jeremy Fein   Last Friday, I hurt my knee. I’ll get into the details down below, but let’s start with the actionable stuff. P.E.A.C.E. AND L.O.V.E. Have you heard of “RICE” after getting hurt? As it turns out, not all of it is based in the research we have. A more modern, although still less […]

How to Fix Constantly Tight Hamstrings

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Tom Morrison   Listen here, Susan! (I don’t know your name so I will call you Susan for this blog.) You’re blaming your hamstrings for everything, when they’re probably the thing trying to hold your body together – and the stuff you keep doing to them won’t help because it’s not what they actually need! […]

Working with Knee Pain


Brandon Chien   Here’s how you can begin working with knee-pain and get stronger right now.   A common strategy for relieving knee pain is to begin losing weight. Doctors will tell you that if your knee has less load to bear, it won’t struggle. But the truth is, the muscles around your knee need […]

Blocked ‘Karate’ CARs


Brian Fox       View this post on Instagram   ☝?Get really good at controlled articular ranges of motion (CARs) of individual joints. Become more aware of your “stuff” and get really good at moving it. These are low level tension and something you can do literally hundreds of times. ✌?Once you can achieve […]

Pain Exploration: Medial Knee

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For about two months, I’ve had some chronic discomfort in my left knee.  On a scale of 1-10, with ’10’ being agony and ‘1’ being noticeable/annoying, it oscillates between 1 and 4.  Though this might be thought of as acceptable to many, I want zeroes.  I spent a decade in pain playing rugby.  I’m over […]