Kinesthesia & Proprioception


Jenn Pilotti   While I was researching a chapter for my book on awareness, I was searching for research to back my ideas that improving your sense of self and your internal body schema were related to proprioception. What I discovered was my understanding of proprioception and how it works was actually misinformed. Somehow, in […]

Locomotive Elastics


Gary Stockdale     View this post on Instagram   LOCOMOTIVEĀ ELASTICS THIS IS THE SHIT and I summon all of you passionate and curious #movers to give it a go! This is my own spin/derivative of a #posteriorchain “warm-up” posted by Brandon @primalpowers (I recommend you go check out his post to see where this […]

Breath, Kinetic Energy, Creativity

20171116 072914

Andre Miller   Good people of the Earth! Coming to you live and direct from a bit earlier today, it’s #rootsfitness #exerciseprogramming . A 5 part miniseries depicting what a good days #workout looks like. This first little nugget of an appetizer starts with slow, breath led, full body, integrated movement to warm the tastebuds. […]