A Safe Environment to Learn Skating

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Sevinc Gökçe English Translation: Football fields with artificial grass are ideal for children who are interested in skating or skateboarding, to get used to the balance of the tools and do standing up/climbing exercises. A safe space for them to experience for themselves without you holding on. At this point, it doesn’t matter whether he […]

Movement as a Way of Enriching Life


Alex Sporticus “It is our vision and not what we are viewing that is limited.” Nick Sousanis, Unflattening.   A key part of the PE Teachers role is to improve the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed that will allow children to access different forms of movement both in the present and in their future. That […]

A Curious Cultural Experiment


Christine Ruffolo   For many reasons and convergences of fate, I recently took on the assignment of coaching high school volleyball.  It was a sport I knew very little about and had the least experience coaching and playing.  It was also a position to lead JV2, traditionally known as the ‘freshman team’.  I was the […]

Teaching Kids Weightlifting


Christine Ruffolo A PE teacher on one side of the country texts her trainer pal on the other:   “I was thinking of getting this textbook for my weightlifting class.” “Why do you need a textbook?” “So I have something to reference and know what to tell the kids.”   She sent a link to […]

Rediscovering Play


Give a kid a list of tasks to do, and you’ll find yourself with one unhappy kid. Give an adult a checklist, and they transform into blissful busyness. One basks in all they have achieved, and the other laments all the other potential possibilities lost. A child isn’t ruled by numbers or fear of being […]