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Rings for All Levels

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Butter Back (part 3)

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Jeremy Fein   Go Further with Strength. Strengthen your middle, strengthen your movement.   STRONG BACK   STRONG FRONT   STRONG SIDES   STRONG EVERYWHERE (ROTATION)  

Butter Back (part 2)

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Jeremy Fein   Move All The Pieces. Can you conduct a spinal symphony?        

Butter Back (part 1)

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Jeremy Fein   Why Butterback? You need to move your back in so many ways, whether in athletic movement like throwing and kicking or daily activities like tying your shoes. But it’s easy to feel stiff throughout the torso.  And many [totally great!] traditional strength exercises have us moving the arms and legs alot, but […]

P.E.A.C.E Instead of R.I.C.E for Injury

Us Players Lebron James (r) And Dwyane W

Jeremy Fein   Last Friday, I hurt my knee. I’ll get into the details down below, but let’s start with the actionable stuff. P.E.A.C.E. AND L.O.V.E. Have you heard of “RICE” after getting hurt? As it turns out, not all of it is based in the research we have. A more modern, although still less […]

An Island of Adjustment


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A Clear & Sincere Desire

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Anything But the Barbell

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Question Size & Solutions


Jeremy Fein   The Medium Ones are Holding You Back (Nov. 16th Audio – 1:41)   Let’s take sleep as an example. You’re busy at work, taking care of the kid and the dog, and stressed about the news. You’re not sleeping enough, but there’s no way out! …or is there? Ask a Bigger Question […]

A More Logical Neck CAR


Jeremy Fein     View this post on Instagram   ? Sagittal Neck CARs ? – If you’re sleeping on Functional Range Systems, you’re making a mistake. – But it’ll be a slightly smaller one after watching this ? – If a joint is limited at its deepest layer, it will be limited in rotation. […]

Clarity in Goal Setting


Jeremy Fein Four questions that outline your problem and potential solution: 1) What is your goal? In the clearest possible terms. 2) Why is it important to you? 3) What obstacles might get in your way? 4) What can you do now to set yourself up for success?   Defining Your Terms: A lot of people set New Years Resolutions like “be […]

Assessing Breathing


Jeremy Fein     The third test is Patrick McKeown’s BOLT score (Body Oxygen Level Test), adapted from Buteyko’s ‘Control Pause’ carbon dioxide measure. According to McKeown, it “should be” in the 40s. Most people, even elite athletes tend to be around 20s. Below 20s, he says people will have some sort of breathing-related symptoms.  […]

5 Mobility Principles


 Jeremy Fein   #1 –  Go for Least Possible Stretch   #2 – Joints Have Opening and Closing Angles   #3 – Small Changes in Rotational Capacity Can Yield Big Linear Results   #4 – Spread Big Movements Over Multiple Joints   #5 – Sensory Input Before Motor Output (Light touching before CARs)  

Finding Your Fundamentals


Jeremy Fein   “Don’t worry about the fundamentals–skip right ahead to the fancy stuff to save time.”   Probably a quote you’ve never heard from an athlete or a coach. We all seem to agree that the fundamentals are important, but why isn’t there more talk about what they are? At various times, I’ve been […]

Assess Hard, Treat Soft


Jeremy Fein   “Assess hard, treat soft” – Dr. Perry Nickelston   To Dr. Perry, this is a quote about the amount of physical force used in manual therapy. He needs enough force to initially see how the body responds, but ultimately it’s the soft touch that drives his predictably positive outcomes.   For me–the […]

Lessons from a Good PT


Jeremy Fein   I’m not going to hide the lesson later in the article to make you read the whole thing. Here you go:   Listen carefully and educate sincerely. Geek out subtly.   In my coaching, I’m not qualified to diagnose people. But the critical thinking that goes into the puzzles of helping people […]

An Apple A Day?

Good Wiil

Jeremy Fein   If you listen to the loudest voices and the wittiest memes in the fitness world, you’ll very quickly find out that there are things you’re supposed to be doing every day. Sit in a squat, walk a certain distance, move every joint through its range, hang from something…#EveryDamnDay. Ultimately, if you listened […]

Learning the Impossible

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Jeremy Fein   If you were to walk into a juggling festival in the 90s…okay, wait. There is such thing as a juggling festival. And if you stumbled into one in 1995, you’d likely spot a crowd of people gathering around a juggler defying gravity to keep 5 clubs in the air. Fast forward to […]

A Weekend with Z Health


A Weekend with Z Health, by Jeremy Fein I got glasses when I was 3, and started wearing them when I was 4. With two parents and two older sisters all wearing glasses, growing up to be called “four eyes” was a foregone conclusion. I have gotten so used to wearing them that when I […]