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Stages & Breathing Forms

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Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Round (@movemoremp)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Round (@movemoremp)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Round (@movemoremp)     View this post on Instagram   […]

Becoming the Wolverine (Shoulder Rehab)


Jason Round   Please note: this is an article for general shoulder health and pre/rehabilitation. It’s important to diagnose your shoulder problem first, and assistance from an expert is often the best way to go. With sensitive overuse/imbalance injuries, such as impingement where inflammation is high, some exercises could cause more irritation and make things worse. […]

Wall Play

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Jason Round       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Round (@movemoremp)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Round (@movemoremp)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Round (@movemoremp)     View this post on Instagram […]

The Problem with Exercise


Jason Round   A Case of Lambs and Lions. What the hell are you doing? After spending a few years in gym environments, you can spot them from a mile away. The lambs. They walk on to the gym stage with close to knocked knees and a meek demeanor, an over-caution out of character in any part of their world […]

Meaningful Sentience


Jason Round   Sentience is the capacity to have experiences, that is, conscious states.   How do you feel when you move? We can be so focused on movements and disciplines, on physical practice and goals and defining ourselves in relation to them that the feeling of a body in and of itself – even […]


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Applied Movement Context

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Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   AN APPLIED MOVEMENT CONTEXT which tests upper-body strength, mobility, structural awareness, skill & problem-solving 🧩 • Regardless of how many pull-ups or muscle-up you have, those are singular movement contexts which give you no guarantee of applicability. When you find yourself with only one hand […]

The Passive Hang

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Phaon Phipat Jason Round         View this post on Instagram   Jason Round (@movemoremp) on the Passive Hang! Jason is a teacher who resides in Bern, Switzerland. I was over the moon when he agreed to come on for a chat – Jason shares prolifically on his page, blog, youtube. These aren’t […]

Inarticulate vs. Articulate Movement


Jason Round   Definition [Movement] is a fluid term which involves an interplay between both involuntary/inarticulate and voluntary/articulate movement.   The first step of any critical interrogation is definition. This is necessary so that readers can understand what is meant by the term ‘movement’ when it is used throughout any previous and consequent criticisms and theorisations whilst outlining the field for […]

“Floor Culture” & the Home Office


Jason Round     ‘FLOOR CULTURE’ is a dual perspective that firstly throws an eye toward the daily habits & practices of cultures which live in closer contact with the floor. Secondly, it represents my proposal of “culturing” such habits in your daily life as the most necessary practice to SUSTAINABLY regain the ranges of […]

Stress Test: One Minute in the Hole


Jason Round       View this post on Instagram   STRESS MANAGEMENT: a simple frame I use for “stress testing”. Take an ACTIVE squat position & choose your weight wisely. Maintain your form throughout the 1 minute and have enough in the tank for the concentric. As a diagnosis tool it can also highlight […]

Crammed Vs. Distributed Learning

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Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   FATIGUE, SWEAT, & BLOOD: “massed learning” is the textbook cramming the night before a big test as opposed to little and often throughout the week. Massed learning is generally considered inferior to its goody two-shoes counterpart (distributed learning), although it really comes down to the […]

Movement, Mobility, & Capoeira


Jason Round   Contributor Jason Round offers his capoeira teacher some insights into movement and mobility:   Mestre Boca Rica, the capoeira teacher, [adorably] in action: Do we not all stand to learn something from and offer perspective to one another?

Movement As Language: Babble & Personal Meaning


Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   BABBLE: the process of learning a new lexicon for floor-communication is just as clear in its hesitation, uncertainty, and lack of fluency as is the oral. Having been exposed to a new set of vocabulary and syntax by Odelia Goldschmidt at the EMM, I find […]

What is the Ido Portal Method? (part 1)


Jason Round, Chris Ruffolo   The following is an email exchange between the two authors that sought to tease out the what the ‘Ido Portal Method’ actually is. [Chris asks for a longer video submission and Jason offers this as one of his options]: “Here’s an old video that gets a lot of attention as […]

Philosophical Sharing via Instagram


Jason Round   Can the platform be a viable tool for sharing principles?     View this post on Instagram   NEED: It’s very easy to get caught up in large-frame mobility projects for the sake of it. When people enquire about the Online Support program I often hear they WANT things such as ‘front […]