Shifting Habits with “Decision Hygiene”

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Chandler Stevens   Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about habits. When most people hear the word, they conjure up an image of a checklist. They imagine some list of actions they ought to take on any given day in order to be living their #bestlife. And yet a habit, broadly speaking, is simply […]

How to Do What You Say You’re Going To


Chandler Stevens   This year we have another cohort beginning The Ecosomatics Practitioner Training, as well as a group continuing on for a second year, and I’m thrilled to be with them. Over the year they’ll develop the skills and mental models to address a broad range of physical and psychological problems that face people […]

Setting Intention


Margot Ciccarelli     View this post on Instagram   first : the space in relation to me and myself in relation to the space. – The self inquiry approach : if I am not able to move myself comfortably throughout space and find my own orientations of movement, it would be robbing myself of […]