Tasha Louie     When I posted this around two years ago, I got a lot of questions on making a tutorial because many were convinced it would improve some vague idea of mobility. I didn’t because broadly speaking, this sequence or any other that you would see on social media, won’t improve your mobility […]

Traditions of PE vs. Traditional PE


Alex Sporticus   Traditional PE. “Traditional“. A description of the way we have always done PE against more contemporary approaches. A qualifier that is used as a pejorative. Employed indiscriminately – within the academic literature, on social media and in discourse around PE – as a substitute for practice we don’t like. I have used […]

Similar Same #1: Neck Extension


A series looking at different means to say/ do the same things.       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Austin Einhorn | Apiros (@austineinhorn_)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Human Animation (@briangfox)         [Feature Photo by Olga Drach on […]

What PE Is & Isn’t


Alex Sporticus   “The aim is not for us to teach them to leave their chairs, so they can be better when they return. Our aim is to help them find a realm where they can experience some freedom, adventure, grace, excellence, strength, beauty and friendship away from chairs and to keep returning to that […]

A Clear & Sincere Desire

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Circulation of Importance

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Craig Mallett   Health and wellbeing are interesting words. We tend to throw them around assuming we are all meaning the same thing, but upon closer consideration it becomes clear that they are entirely dependent on the context of what that individual considers to be important. Some people think being healthy means to be able […]

Inarticulate vs. Articulate Movement


Jason Round   Definition [Movement] is a fluid term which involves an interplay between both involuntary/inarticulate and voluntary/articulate movement.   The first step of any critical interrogation is definition. This is necessary so that readers can understand what is meant by the term ‘movement’ when it is used throughout any previous and consequent criticisms and theorisations whilst outlining the field for […]

Deceptive Intent


Dave Pelletier  Upon first glance, what is the assumption of training focus?   “At face value this would be considered a balance drill.  BOSU, single leg stance, tennis ball on yoga block… it all seemingly adds up as balance oriented.  However, (insert dramatic pause here), I did it mainly to practice breathing (ie NOT holding […]