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Gary Stockdale     View this post on Instagram   What a beautiful thing, to be able to connect with one’s self. My movement path and the path I lay forth for others to cross, leads to the dark corners of the unknown self. Positions seldom organized, pathways unstimulated, musculature with no sense of grip. […]

Front Line Engagement Options


Gary Stockdale   Glute Engagement in the Hinge   View this post on Instagram   #GLUTEWEEK: RECIPROCAL INHIBITION *TIPS FOR NON-READERS: Keep #Spine long, Try to pull thighs toward trunk and breath big at the bottom* The concept is as simple as: One side must shorten to lengthen the other. But upon diving deeper, we […]

Inquiry into the Physical Body


Fanny Tulloch   Communication with the physical body, one of the most essential things to learn in life is not taught in schools- that is why I have a job. How to take care of your body and mind is clearly not an easy task; the numbers for obesity and mental health conditions to name […]

Asking Students Better Questions


Alex Sporticus   RECTIFYING A WEEK OF INEFFECTIVE QUESTIONING The PE Teacher has four clear ‘verbal’ ways to shape the learning of their pupils within lessons; instruction, feedback, question and silence. A skilled PE teacher will use all four, all of the time. Making judgements on which one to use depending on needs of the pupil in […]

Philosophology: An Inquiry Into Practice


Austin Einhorn   We are being led by the blind and uninformed. There is a virus infecting our culture and growing to epidemic levels. Our social patterns of value have tipped the scales towards ignorance. This plague is Philosophology, and it has the world of sports in a death grip. Robert Pirsig birthed the term […]