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What to Do, What to Do


Christian Paev   Ever wonder why changing disciplines, practices, exercises, methods, people around us, teachers, circumstances…. in the end we end up with almost the same internal result? Random hopping between different topics at work is scattered wandering, but not a channeled strategic approach. Figuratively speaking, we drive the same car on different roads – […]

Diagonal Stretch Training

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Becoming the Wolverine (Shoulder Rehab)


Jason Round   Please note: this is an article for general shoulder health and pre/rehabilitation. It’s important to diagnose your shoulder problem first, and assistance from an expert is often the best way to go. With sensitive overuse/imbalance injuries, such as impingement where inflammation is high, some exercises could cause more irritation and make things worse. […]

Taking Responsibility for Your Own Path

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Christian Paev ”I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s” I am a system of systems, developing through systems.. Not following a system in order to be more free is a charming delusion. We must use the collective knowledge, and adapt everything to ourselves (a dynamic temporal entity) as needed. But making […]

What is the Ido Portal Method? (part 1)


Jason Round, Chris Ruffolo   The following is an email exchange between the two authors that sought to tease out the what the ‘Ido Portal Method’ actually is. [Chris asks for a longer video submission and Jason offers this as one of his options]: “Here’s an old video that gets a lot of attention as […]

Learning vs. Performing


Christian Paev   How complete is your self-image? How does your self-image differ from reality? ‘Movement class’ is not about playing games, nor it is about cool movements. Our work is an educational process – one that demands you to be involved, for the sake of your own self-knowledge. The class is a place where […]

Inside Ido’s EMM


Christian Paev   European Movement Meeting, August 2018. Lisbon, Ginasio de Portuguese. 7 floor facility for movement-purposes. We occupied 3 studios on the 5th and 1 on the 7th floor. 130 participants divided in four groups, and we were to have 3 classes with each of the 4 teachers – Odelia, Shai, Dudi, and Ido.  […]