Copenhagen Holds

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Fanny Tulloch     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Fanny Tulloch | Handstands & Calisthenics for women (@_mobilitytraining)

How to Fix Constantly Tight Hamstrings

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Tom Morrison   Listen here, Susan! (I don’t know your name so I will call you Susan for this blog.) You’re blaming your hamstrings for everything, when they’re probably the thing trying to hold your body together – and the stuff you keep doing to them won’t help because it’s not what they actually need! […]

Hip! Hip! (An Overview)


Jenn Pilotti   The hips. Peaches. The area where your femur, the longest bone in your body, rests neatly into a concave structure that looks like a cup and is actually the meeting place of the three bones that make up one half of your pelvis. (Fun fact: your pelvis is made up of two […]

The Boop Test


Gary Stockdale     View this post on Instagram   DO YOU EVEN #BOOP BRO? Scrolling through the reel of seemingly endless video captures of my movement curiosities, I found this glorious little Boop and decided to revisit. The Boop is a fine art. The tension built in the slow, stalking stages of the Boop […]

Pigeon Squatting


Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   The Pigeon Squat is Clutch ⠀ You deserve sexy hips – it’s your birthright! ⠀ Let’s face it – having sexy hips means they are fluid, strong, and pain-free. You’re probably living a good life. ⠀ What if you’re not? What if sitting and driving […]

Psoas Patterns


Chandler Stevens   The poor psoas. It’s so misunderstood. This part of the body is responsible for so much of your day-to-day function that it often gets the blame when things go wrong. It’s no wonder. Functions associated with the psoas include: Upright posture Breathing Walking You know, insignificant things like that. And yet people […]

Functional Range Systems – Hip Internal Rotation

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Brian Fox   ASSESS   View this post on Instagram   #Repost @jquintnmt with @get_repost ・・・ This is first of several videos between myself and friend/fellow FRS practitioner @briangfox; treating one another by applying Functional Range System (FRA/FR/FRC) with the objective to: Cultivate New Physical Capacities via: .  1️⃣”Create” > Acquire new articular (joint) space by […]

Blocked ‘Karate’ CARs


Brian Fox       View this post on Instagram   ☝?Get really good at controlled articular ranges of motion (CARs) of individual joints. Become more aware of your “stuff” and get really good at moving it. These are low level tension and something you can do literally hundreds of times. ✌?Once you can achieve […]