Triggers & the Environment

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Nelson Cuadras     “But if you begin to understand environment, then there is no longer repression or mere adjustment to environment…” J. Krishnamurti Environment > Trigger > Response Start at understanding your environment and you move towards understanding yourself. External and Internal. Write about it in detail. See where the triggers come from. Learn […]

Shifting Habits with “Decision Hygiene”

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Chandler Stevens   Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about habits. When most people hear the word, they conjure up an image of a checklist. They imagine some list of actions they ought to take on any given day in order to be living their #bestlife. And yet a habit, broadly speaking, is simply […]

Learning Perception


Dare Sohei   heres a working list of things i do and have done to think/perceive the way i do. i come from a pretty normal background — poverty, depression, anxiety, no college, lots of illnesses, addiction etc.   my saving grace was probably the things that also screwed me up, which was animistic perception […]

Creating Space


Jenn Pilotti   August came at me with a vengeance. My client load was full, my mostly organized life was being met with the potential for a big change, and every single project I had either organized or said yes to were all due within a two week span. While I (miraculously) managed to get […]

Openness & Movement


Jenn Pilotti   The coach who writes my programs recently included handstand play on one of my hand balancing days. “Set a timer for ten minutes. Play with different entries to handstands. Try and catch the balance for 3 seconds. Note which variations feel interesting.” This particular aspect of my movement practice made my Tuesday. […]

Alter the Environment, Alter the Behavior


Jenn Pilotti   A behavior is an output in the form of action, and is a response to context. An action implies movement of some sort, so another way of thinking about behavior is that it is a movement that satisfies a desired outcome based on environmental cues. What that desired outcome is depends on […]

Is Sitting Too Much Really Ruining Your Mobility?


Tom Morrison   Your back hurts, your hip hurts, your shoulders and neck are always sore from being slumped over your desk or behind the wheel all the time – damn daily life tasks! They’re ruining your flexibility and movement forever, right!? Well, wrong.   It’s a bit of a cop out really if I’m […]

An Apple A Day?

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Jeremy Fein   If you listen to the loudest voices and the wittiest memes in the fitness world, you’ll very quickly find out that there are things you’re supposed to be doing every day. Sit in a squat, walk a certain distance, move every joint through its range, hang from something…#EveryDamnDay. Ultimately, if you listened […]