See Me So I Can See Myself

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Nick Konow       View this post on Instagram   Some audio on seeing and being seen, on the stories we tell others and those stories we tell ourselves. The visual, meaningless. I am a screensaver. I am a dolphin swimming in the ocean. A post shared by N I C K K O […]

Floor Work Puzzles


Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   (español abajo) ⠀ It’s possible for us to trap ourselves with our own bodies. It often times happen. ⠀ Because we want to do things too fast, not taking – or making – the time to understand and solve the task, sacrificing quality for quantity, […]

Soft Practice Within Hard Art


Margot Ciccarelli       View this post on Instagram   Part 1 : Lately I’ve become fascinated with the idea of what a complete practice is; what is a nourishing practice? The idea of sustainability and longevity is not the first thought that comes to mind to average person when they think about jiu-jitsu. […]

Runner’s Restorative Groundwork


Andre Miller   This one is for all the runners out there, especially those headed to the #bostonmarathon ! An example of the isolation, integration and improvisation process for working the lateral aspects of the hip, psoas and #itband . First abduction to breathe through the peak contraction of the glut meds and it band […]