Creating Space


Jenn Pilotti   August came at me with a vengeance. My client load was full, my mostly organized life was being met with the potential for a big change, and every single project I had either organized or said yes to were all due within a two week span. While I (miraculously) managed to get […]

A Clear & Sincere Desire

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Question Size & Solutions


Jeremy Fein   The Medium Ones are Holding You Back (Nov. 16th Audio – 1:41)   Let’s take sleep as an example. You’re busy at work, taking care of the kid and the dog, and stressed about the news. You’re not sleeping enough, but there’s no way out! …or is there? Ask a Bigger Question […]

The Open Identity of Having No Goals


Brandon Chien   PART ONE: Deadlines and goals are not enough in the long-term. The achievement of a goal is so fleeting. It actually doesn’t feel very good for long. What consistently brings¬†contentment¬†on a lasting daily basis is the reward of doing behaviors that are aligned with an identity. That is going to be important […]

Feedback, Process, and Accomplishment


Jenn Pilotti   As a coach or movement specialist, when do you give people feedback regarding their performance? Do you do it in the middle of the movement? Do you do it after? And after you have sussed out when what do you give feedback on? Do you give feedback on how the movement is […]