Parkour Game: Jailbreak


Jereme Sanders     Full fantastic resource can be found at Rules   You are a wrongly accused prisoner that finally has a chance at freedom. You have to navigate through a treacherous obstacle course but you’re not alone. You must make it through this course while attached to someone else. You both will […]

A Tactical Games Approach


Alex Sporticus   A Tactical Games Approach to teaching Games The tactical games approach aims to improve children’s understanding of the game by combining tactical awareness and skill execution. It does that by placing them in a modified game situation with a tactical problem to solve. The rationale for a tactical games teaching in PE and school […]

The $500 Game

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Partner Puppeteers


Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   The Puppet & The Puppeteer ⠀ One partner (the “puppeteer”) pulls invisible strings attached to the joints of the other person (the “puppet), who moves the joint and other body parts, as needed, responding to the movement of the invisible string. ⠀ It can be […]

Shaping the Game


Alex Sporticus   At the heart of a games based approach to teaching is the challenge to the centrality of learning isolated and decontextualised techniques that will ‘allow’ the child to play. Instead of starting with the practice of the prerequisite techniques, the starting point is the game and play itself. It is through play that […]

Floor Work Puzzles


Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   (español abajo) ⠀ It’s possible for us to trap ourselves with our own bodies. It often times happen. ⠀ Because we want to do things too fast, not taking – or making – the time to understand and solve the task, sacrificing quality for quantity, […]

All Under to All Over


Chris Davis   View this post on Instagram   All of me below, and then all of me above. Took some figuring. #omu #theproject11a . . . . #onlinemovementuniversity #thesummit #yoga #yogadudes #yogamen #yogi #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #yogainpdx #realmendoyoga #yogainspiration #portland #portland_yoga #pdx #yogainpdx #pdxyogascene #pdxyoga #portlandia #Portlandyoga #calisthenics #calisthenicsmovement #movementculture #bodyweightfitness #bwf A post shared […]

Triangle Trap

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Miguel Viero       View this post on Instagram   Te atraparon dentro del triángulo. Escapa si puedes. ⠀ They trapped you inside the triangle. Escape if you can. ??‍♂️? ⠀ #moov_juegosdemovimiento #moovescuelademovimiento #juegamasentrenamenosaprendemas A post shared by Miguel Viero | Moov (@miguel.viero) on Nov 8, 2018 at 10:22am PST

Tools, Context, and Expanding Possibility


Miguel Viero     No hands, no arms. Take the stick as low as possible and come back up. Try to move in different ways everytime. Explore and experiment, don’t take it to seriously. Failed? Laugh, start again. Always with a smile. More options, more freedom. • Sin manos, sin brazos. Lleva el palo lo […]

Stick Games 2


Miguel Viero     Juegos de calentamiento. . Inspirados por @carlosmc23 . #neverleavetheplayground #play #warmup #warmupgame #stick #playingwithsticks #happyjoints #movementculture #calentamiento #juegosdecalentamiento #vidasana #barcelona A post shared by Miguel Viero (@moovmethodbcn) on Feb 13, 2017 at 6:55am PST   Stick games & riddles. • #stick #play #games #teamwork #fun #movement #adaptchangeplay #barcelona #comeplaywithus A post […]

Teaching Games, Part 1


Alex Sporticus Between Monday 25th July and Wednesday 27th July 2016 I attended the Teaching Games for Understanding Conference in Cologne, Germany. The following series of posts will be a collection of the information shared by the presenters with some of my personal thoughts and questions. We are what we teach: TGfU as a complex ecological situation […]

Stick Games 1

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Stick games & riddles. • #stick #play #games #teamwork #fun #movement #adaptchangeplay #barcelona #comeplaywithus A post shared by Miguel Viero (@atletaurbano) on Jul 12, 2017 at 10:54am PDT

The World of Fighting Monkey

Fighting Monkey

Christine Ruffolo   Doing without knowing. Playing, creating, learning. Adjusting and adapting. Describing Fighting Monkey is an act in organizing verbs. Everything overlaps and intertwines and is a wonder. The only certainty you are left with is that you have experienced something good and and provocative. Personified as one of their videos, those who enter […]