Passive to Active Tissue Lengthening


Brian Fox   [Description below.]   Affect connective tissue architecture by training at length for 2+ minutes. Intent: Passively acquire length then actively try to maintain that length and internally load the bioflow. Straining the connective tissue at length. A two minute stretch specifically intended for the anterior knee and thigh in hip extension and […]

Cross-Contextual Spine Training

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Integrating Multiple Systems

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Lumbar Segmentation

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Mobility Instruction

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Treatment & Tissue Quality

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Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   Keep an eye on these two in treatments and in training, they’ve been know to cause mischief. . 🪁🪁🪁 Remember there are only two things we can actually feel and manage in treatment from a tissue quality perspective: neurological and mechanical tension. We cannot rub, […]

Injury, Fatigue, & Fast Twitch Fibers

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Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   🦵🏼Research has shown that when a tissue or tissues get injured, the slow twitch (ST) muscle fibers decrease in the affected tissue and surrounding area(s) , thus leaving behind mostly fast twitch muscle fibers (FT). . 🦵🏼This is valuable information when in treatment, since ST […]

Vispassana Crossover


Samantha Faulhaber   Quickly let’s mention that I’ve been working on myself for years. I took one ten-day course, and you’re not going to magically implement and feel the same ways after reading this. Sorry to disappoint. Which is a great jumping off point! Vipassana meditation attempts to get you to a place where you […]

Neurological Tension & Expanding Range


Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   On our journey to increase physical capacities, my client and I aimed our treatment plan on: . ▶️Gaining control of specific joints and tissues to decrease neurological splinting in the lumbar spine by doing a blocked flexion and extension drill (not pictured) in very low […]

Functional Range Systems – Hip Internal Rotation

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Brian Fox   ASSESS   View this post on Instagram   #Repost @jquintnmt with @get_repost ・・・ This is first of several videos between myself and friend/fellow FRS practitioner @briangfox; treating one another by applying Functional Range System (FRA/FR/FRC) with the objective to: Cultivate New Physical Capacities via: .  1️⃣”Create” > Acquire new articular (joint) space by […]

Critical Look #1 – FRC

Flowchart Frc

Christine Ruffolo   ‘Critical Look’ challenges the way systemic information is presented and questions the story being told.   Personal background with system – attended a FRC seminar/certification in December of 2015. What FRC is getting right They have been brilliant at internalizing the focus of movement.  Getting people to pay attention to their joints […]

Finger Disassociation


Samantha Faulhaber       View this post on Instagram   FREE SHIPPING! Send $19.95 to @elevate_mma in Durham, NC. I’ll get it. #worldsbestgriptrainingtool @locrao @baseballdevelopmentgroup #griptraining A post shared by Samantha Faulhaber (@samanthafaulhaber) on Sep 17, 2018 at 3:56pm PDT

FR Systems Movement Coaching


Brian Fox     FR Systems & Kettlebell coaching. ➡FRA (Spine): Low back pain. Kyphotic, hinge points at cervical level 5/6, T12/L1 and sacroiliac joint & L5. Zero segmental control in cervical, thoracic and lumbar. C-spine and hips do all of the work for lumbar (Flexion & extension), thoracic (flexion, rotation & extension). ➡FRA Hips: […]


Constraints Create Freedom Design

Nick Konow On a Tuesday evening this past winter, I danced to maybe 10 songs in a bar, in the middle of a modest crowd, in a rather shit part of downtown Los Angeles. Context is everything. The context in this instance, is that the behavior of me choosing to partake in anything that might […]

FRC 101: An Elegant Framework for Improving Mobility


Chandler Stevens   Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is an empirically-driven thought process around mobility developed by Dr. Andreo Spina.  After attending an FRC seminar and letting it percolate in my practice, I’m convinced that it’s one of the most robust approaches to mobility (our true potential for movement) out there.  It’s beautiful in its simplicity, […]

Decoding PAILs and RAILs


Christine Ruffolo   The one flaw in the Functional Range Conditioning system is its heavy use of acronyms. It has created a culture of separation, utilizing a language only understood within the context of the FRC group. Starting with CARs and developing into the new Kinstretch IsoMPs, there is no lack of subjective nomenclature. The […]

Getting Articular Independence

Getting Articular

Christine Ruffolo   As examined in my previous post, joint function defines what kind of movements you are prepared to perform. Articular independence must come before articular interdependence. The ability to isolate a particular joint leads to more control, increased awareness, and lessening of pain. Below, Dr. Andreo Spina reveals a corresponding case study: A […]