Movement as a Way of Enriching Life


Alex Sporticus “It is our vision and not what we are viewing that is limited.” Nick Sousanis, Unflattening.   A key part of the PE Teachers role is to improve the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed that will allow children to access different forms of movement both in the present and in their future. That […]

Competency as an Exploratory Framework


Alex Sporticus   The ‘fallacy of perfected steps‘ is to suppose that one thing must be perfectly, and not just partially, mastered before one can move on to the logically next thing.   Ensuring children turn into adults who lead a healthy and active lifestyle is the Gordian Knot that PE teachers have a shared responsibility for […]

A New Framework for Personal Training


Jenn Pilotti A client that I see occasionally came in recently. “What would you like to work on?” I asked. “My shoulders,” she immediately responded. After a little more questioning, I discovered her shoulders felt tight and a little cranky. She’s quite active and had stepped up her intensity over the last few weeks. I […]

FRC 101: An Elegant Framework for Improving Mobility


Chandler Stevens   Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is an empirically-driven thought process around mobility developed by Dr. Andreo Spina.  After attending an FRC seminar and letting it percolate in my practice, I’m convinced that it’s one of the most robust approaches to mobility (our true potential for movement) out there.  It’s beautiful in its simplicity, […]