fighting monkey

Recycling Energy


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Coordination Practice


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Morning Practice

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A Simple Strap

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Miguel Viero       View this post on Instagram   Juegos estratégicos. Enraizamento de pies. Distribución de carga. Organización estructural. Juega Observa Relaja Tensa Siente Comunica Arquitectura del terremoto humano. #investigación #juegosdemovimiento #fightingmonkey_practice #fightingmonkey_games #moovescuelademovimiento A post shared by Miguel Viero (@miguelviero.moov) on Aug 20, 2020 at 9:55am PDT     View this post […]

Ball on Block Tasks


Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   Ideas de Situaciones Jogos Tareas de movimiento. ⠀ Una pelota de tenis (u otra cualquiera) y un objeto con la superficie plana para equilibrar la pelota. En el vídeo usamos un cubo de espuma y, al final, una círculo de madera. Puedes usar un libro, […]

Critical Look #2 – Fighting Monkey


Christine Ruffolo   ‘Critical Look’ challenges the way systemic information is presented and questions the story being told.   Personal background with system – attended a FM 2-day seminar in April of 2017. What Fighting Monkey is getting right They have been instrumental in creating a large shift in task or situation based training.  By […]

Dynamic Balance


Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   It’s not about not losing balance, but of being able to recover it.  And how the whole structure collaborates and reacts to internal and external stimuli without accumulating unnecessary tensions. No se trata de no perder el equilibrio, sino de poder recuperarlo. Y de cómo […]

On Teaching


Michael Ryan   I think we often mistake teaching for being told what to do by someone. Is explicit instruction good teaching?  If one can take a person from A to B, in a simple step-by-step manner, then they are usually considered a great teacher.  Although, in my experience, this style tends to creates dependency […]

Elderly ‘Exercise’

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Michael Ryan Recorded conversation with my teacher, Jozef Frucek. Dated December 10th 2016. There’s no denying what Jozef is saying, but rarely would anyone articulate these thoughts. It’s a brutal truth, that we will all grow old and die. So much so that we often trick ourselves into thinking that it will never be us. […]

Fighting Monkey Athletic Development


Michael Ryan   Creative challenges of space, tracking, and coordination #athletictraining #sportsperformance #precision #sensitivity #perception #reaction #timing #rhythm #coordination #neuroplasticity #exposure #creativity #fightingmonkey_rootlessroot A post shared by Michael Ryan B.S., CSCS, FRCms (@performanceform) on Feb 1, 2017 at 7:46pm PST Reactionary and Attentional Agility Agility ladder training: Look down at your feet while repeating the […]

The World of Fighting Monkey Part 2


Christine Ruffolo   **Part One of this series can be found here.   Engaging with your work demands a certain degree of ownership.  There must be a benefit to the challenge presented, beyond just a hard-to-apply confidence.  A task can serve as a test of will, a test of adaptability, and/or a test of inquiry. […]

The World of Fighting Monkey

Fighting Monkey

Christine Ruffolo   Doing without knowing. Playing, creating, learning. Adjusting and adapting. Describing Fighting Monkey is an act in organizing verbs. Everything overlaps and intertwines and is a wonder. The only certainty you are left with is that you have experienced something good and and provocative. Personified as one of their videos, those who enter […]