When Your Only Company Is a Mirror and Music


Nadia Genois   I had recently promised myself to create more opportunities to dance, improvise, to have these moments that are generally revitalizing but that too often escape me because of fatigue or laziness. Yet it is a pleasure that I have discovered in recent years, to improvise to give yourself permission to be in […]

The 3-Phase Repatterning Stretching Cycle

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Dave Wardman   The last essay served as an introduction to the art of repatterning stretching:  its lore, heuristics, principles, aphorisms, and more.  It was largely theorum.  This second essay in a series of ‘class essays’ [essays designed to aid people dive into the repatterning stretching more fluidly] is more of the ‘applied theorum’ flavour. […]

Programs Vs. People


Brandon Chien   Why most exercise programs suck. Because people change from day to day, and their needs will vary all the time. We are not robot automatons, even though sometimes we try to treat ourselves like machines. Our brains crave certainty, and decide that having an “exercise routine” is the best way to get […]

Pausing to Feel, Telling Stories


Samantha Faulhaber     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Samantha Faulhaber (@shamanicsam)   (Note the comments.)   The solution to telling stories…   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Samantha Faulhaber (@shamanicsam)   Discernment:   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Samantha […]

Medicating with Movement

Neurons Concept

Jenn Pilotti   I am having one of those weeks, a week where a lot of the people around me are upset, or anxious, or depressed. A week where there is a sense of heaviness encompassing the people I interact with regularly, which makes me feel like I am being held down under a thick, […]

Wiggle Class


Samantha Faulhaber     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Samantha Faulhaber (@shamanicsam)  

What Compels You to ‘Do’?

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Christine Ruffolo   The idea for this post first came in the summer of 2021, down time for most teachers here in the States.  When you have a secured income (our salary is split evenly between the twelve months), and are given the gift of time and freedom of what to do with that time, […]

Guest Post #6 – Toward a Useful Physical Education


David Zundel   We have widespread ill health. And in the US 42% of us have become obese. PE didn’t help most people. Entertainment, porn, and sports show us buff physiques to consume. We prominently reward athletes. And advertising sells us convenient food. We train people to external direction. Our received ideals of fitness come from military preparedness. And […]

Deconstructing Care


 Christine Ruffolo   Everyone thinks they know how to care.  They know what it looks like, and so, they know how to replicate it.  What they care about is their reality, their axis of being.  It is both their benchmark and their goal.  A stagnancy by which to improve upon means doing more and trying […]

Meaningful Sentience


Jason Round   Sentience is the capacity to have experiences, that is, conscious states.   How do you feel when you move? We can be so focused on movements and disciplines, on physical practice and goals and defining ourselves in relation to them that the feeling of a body in and of itself – even […]

Stretching the Status Quo

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Brandon Chien   I was trained, like most people, not to stretch before any workouts. As an Olympic lifter, I was told that it would sap my power if I stretched before strength training. Other fitness programs may have taught you that you can injure yourself if you stretch before warming up or exerting.Turns out […]

How Do You Feel?

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Gary Stockdale Nick Konow       View this post on Instagram   You read one question, but I am asking two. One asks you to take inventory and the other inquires how you look for it. I have always been particularly aware of the tensions I carry (emotional or physical), but early into my […]

Feel More Capable

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Jenn Pilotti   In our quest for the mind body connection, we have moved further away from it. We focus on perfect alignment, experiencing full expansion, pushing to be more: more flexible, more fit, more strong.   But what if establishing a mind body connection actually came from thinking less and feeling more? What if […]

The Human vs. the Machine


Fanny Tulloch   I want to share, to the best of my ability, the profound experiences and lessons I’ve learnt over the years. This one related to ‘Human vs. Machine’ made many of my later lessons possible as a result. This article is not an exclusive guide on the topic. In fact, it’ll be specific […]



Jenn Pilotti   My last post was on proprioception and body awareness, or kinesthesia. Proprioception, according to dictionary.com is “the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself.” A really interesting paper by Gaffin-Cahn, et.al points out we engage with the world through the motor system; its accuracy and […]

We Must Feel


Nick Konow   When practicing a skill, hunt for the feeling.   A stretch is present in all the yielding, pushing, reaching, grasping and pulling that we do.   We just might not be looking for it.   If we search for the stretched tissue, we can get clearer on the contraction we are producing […]