Guest Post #8 – A Spectrum of Efficiency

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Nicole Uno   Parts of a Whole Strategies along the spectrum of efficiency The point of efficiency is to do more, with less effort. Whether it’s moving faster, moving more weight, moving pain-free, or moving through bigger ranges of motion- it all requires the same parts working together as a whole. A team that quite […]

Introductory Handstands: Soft or Rigid?

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Fanny Tulloch     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by mobilitytrainingau (@mobilitytrainingau)   One more consideration…   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Fanny Tulloch (@_mobilitytraining)

Ball on Block Tasks


Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   Ideas de Situaciones Jogos Tareas de movimiento. ⠀ Una pelota de tenis (u otra cualquiera) y un objeto con la superficie plana para equilibrar la pelota. En el vídeo usamos un cubo de espuma y, al final, una círculo de madera. Puedes usar un libro, […]

Neck Feedback

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Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   I don’t always use a foam roller, but when I do it’s to practice fundamental neck articulations. This piece of equipment turned out to be quite advantageous in providing external feedback as to what flexion and extension of the neck should feel like (external cue). […]

Extension Feedback


Samantha Faulhaber     View this post on Instagram   Thanks to Ryan for letting me film a few seconds of our private lesson today. . , I used the foam roller to help him learn how to keep closed space as you drive forward without compromising your base. . . Fun that by the […]

Feedback, Process, and Accomplishment


Jenn Pilotti   As a coach or movement specialist, when do you give people feedback regarding their performance? Do you do it in the middle of the movement? Do you do it after? And after you have sussed out when what do you give feedback on? Do you give feedback on how the movement is […]