Flying Squirrel Roll

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Austin Einhorn     View this post on Instagram   Harder and more beneficial than it looks. The challenge likely won’t be overcome with brute force and more contraction, something already in excess, but in learning to let go. This should be as free and effortless as possible, long term.  A post shared by Austin […]

Sleepy Scorpion


Gary Stockdale       View this post on Instagram   SLEEPY SCORPION The connections yielded by this simple rolling #PushUp left me feeling restored, springy and well integrated. Start simply by pushing and turning. Then allow the leg thrust to initiate the spiralling. Pin the pushing elbow tightly into your side until the final […]

Neck Extension and Lateral Flexion


Christine Ruffolo   Plagued by forward head posture and phone-down eyes, the act of tilting the head back can become unnerving.  Used to being underutilized, the cervical spine has to be coaxed into believing extension can be a position of comfort.  The shoulders, jaw, and brain can be manipulated to convince the tissues and central […]