We Want What We See (Or Once Were)


Catherine Cowey   Bigger, better, faster, stronger this is what we hear on the daily. The incessant call to accomplish more, and push harder echoes across our culture. This message is inherent in a capitalistic, production based, able-bodied, early bird society. Many of my clients, several of whom are ex-athletes, but also deal with chronic […]

The Problem with Exercise


Jason Round   A Case of Lambs and Lions. What the hell are you doing? After spending a few years in gym environments, you can spot them from a mile away. The lambs. They walk on to the gym stage with close to knocked knees and a meek demeanor, an over-caution out of character in any part of their world […]

Exercising Integrity


Andre Miller   Do you work to exercise or do you exercise to work, or perhaps they are one in the same? This riddle of a question centers around the question of integrity. Are you one thing with many parts or simply fragmented with many parts and no cohesive philosophy to hold it all together? […]