Triggers & the Environment

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Nelson Cuadras     “But if you begin to understand environment, then there is no longer repression or mere adjustment to environment…” J. Krishnamurti Environment > Trigger > Response Start at understanding your environment and you move towards understanding yourself. External and Internal. Write about it in detail. See where the triggers come from. Learn […]

Giving AF (Part 3): Environments for Exploration


Jereme Sanders   Part 1: Trust & Honesty Part 2: Awareness Before Advice   Through building this circle of awareness we can more effectively share discoveries rather than simple techniques. For example, often times in my own life it has been discovering the epiphany of a new technique, a breakthrough in strength/mobility or the overcoming […]

A Safe Environment to Learn Skating

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Sevinc Gökçe English Translation: Football fields with artificial grass are ideal for children who are interested in skating or skateboarding, to get used to the balance of the tools and do standing up/climbing exercises. A safe space for them to experience for themselves without you holding on. At this point, it doesn’t matter whether he […]

A Beautiful Practice

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Chandler Stevens   Each psychology is a confession, and the worth of a psychology for another person lies not in the places where he can identify with it because it satisfies his psychic needs, but where it provokes him to work out his own psychology in response. (Hillman, 1975, p. xviii)   James Hillman was […]

Take a Walk With Me


Samantha Faulhaber [Audio Files] Walk #1 (5 minutes) – Let’s Go Outside Walk #2 (5 minutes) – Check That Out     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Samantha Faulhaber (@shamanicsam)  

Terrestial Nostos


Dave Wardman   * ‘nostos’ is a Greek term connected to the Odyssey that means ‘homecoming’/’returning home via sea after long adventures’ but that carries with it an idea of spiritual homecoming.. perhaps even coming back to the beginning on a different level that when one left.   [*] terrestrial nostos After terrestrial nostos [νόστος]* I […]

Problem Solving: Roots or Environment?

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Samantha Faulhaber   It seems to me that there are at least two most effective, general routes towards healing people in productive ways. The first, or the first I’ll speak to, not necessarily the first in some sort of heirarchy, is digging for root causes. The idea that rather than treating symptoms you’re better off […]

Alter the Environment, Alter the Behavior


Jenn Pilotti   A behavior is an output in the form of action, and is a response to context. An action implies movement of some sort, so another way of thinking about behavior is that it is a movement that satisfies a desired outcome based on environmental cues. What that desired outcome is depends on […]

Applied Movement Context

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Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   AN APPLIED MOVEMENT CONTEXT which tests upper-body strength, mobility, structural awareness, skill & problem-solving 🧩 • Regardless of how many pull-ups or muscle-up you have, those are singular movement contexts which give you no guarantee of applicability. When you find yourself with only one hand […]

Climbing Things

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Jereme Sanders       View this post on Instagram   Some fun moves and concepts I’d like to clean up for a video. Super good vibes with @talha__drms @mortezaahmadi_1 and @mahsarezaie_ this day 🙏🏼 #parkour #exploreparkour #skochy #skochyptiks #novelways #climb #jump #flip #parkouristanbul A post shared by Jereme Sanders (@jeremesanders) on Jul 29, 2020 […]

Environmental Playground


Jereme Sanders       View this post on Instagram   One of many fun lines from yesterday’s training 🙂 thanks for the energy @selen.indahouse @beerkayfr @e.t.bewild and Can! #parkour #parkouristanbul @parkour.istanbul #swing #tictac #toeshoot #parkourculture #movement #movementculture A post shared by Jereme Sanders (@jeremesanders) on Nov 24, 2019 at 12:43am PST     View […]

The Invisible Obstacle


Jereme Sanders   Analyzing and Overcoming Fear I’ve devoted my life to progress, to taking paths of resistance whether they exist in the world or in my mind so that I may, through these challenges, better myself. In this journey, I’ve found one obstacle that is nearly always present. This invisible challenge manifests itself in […]

MovNat Course Ideas


Kim & Melissa     View this post on Instagram   Structured sessions are nice. So are free-flowing where you make it up as you go along. ? This is true in life. Too much structure and you can lose your intuition and creativity. Too much go-with-the-flow and you can become stagnant. ? Life is […]

All Under to All Over


Chris Davis   View this post on Instagram   All of me below, and then all of me above. Took some figuring. #omu #theproject11a . . . . #onlinemovementuniversity #thesummit #yoga #yogadudes #yogamen #yogi #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #yogainpdx #realmendoyoga #yogainspiration #portland #portland_yoga #pdx #yogainpdx #pdxyogascene #pdxyoga #portlandia #Portlandyoga #calisthenics #calisthenicsmovement #movementculture #bodyweightfitness #bwf A post shared […]

Meaning in Movement

Movement Culture

The parts of our PE curriculum that I find the most difficult to teach are establishing behaviours for movement (Affective Domain) and finding meaning in movement. Whilst basic sports psychology may have the potential answers for the former, I continue to struggle with the latter as it isn’t one that can be taught. It isn’t as simple as […]